Thursday, September 30, 2010


Stronger than iron bars and flimsier than cotton candy.

It's funny how they still manage to run across all of us, threading us all in one go, without missing any one.

We can't see it yet it so always haunts us.

So complicated. Yet so simple.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rhythm of Patience

We aren't us, You aren't me
This isn't what it seems to be
It ain't wrong, It shouldn't be
But you're becoming such a part of me

I can't name it, I don't even wanna
For you and you only, it's gonna go stronger
It's a little crazy, how we're entwined,
Like moss and ivy, alone you can't find.

You and I, we know it's coming,
But, we foolishly pretend.
Hiding behind our smiles is something,
something, so shamelessly more.
which, You and I, we know.

Acknowledge it, would we ever?
I wouldn't want us to,
But, I'm waiting,
Waiting for the inevitable to happen.
Because it's bound to,
bound to break us.

Till then, I'll breathe,
Breathe to the slow rhythm of patience.