Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happiness is Free!

True, diamonds are a girl's best friend. True, money can buy everything. True, one cannot survive, let alone enjoy life without money. Having said all of that, I still believe that the best things in life don't cost anything. Picture this: You have all the riches in the world. Maybe to such an extent that you can afford to buy your own island, get a castle built up there, move around in your own personal jet. But then, you don't have anyone to share it with. No friends, no family, nobody. Imagine cracking a joke, and not sharing the laughter. Imagine having access to the best chocolates in the world, and having nobody to fight for it. Imagine, and imagine, getting a promotion and having no one to celebrate it with! Would that make you happy? Would you rather face some hardships with your loved ones or be stinking rich and alone?

I am not an ardent believer of philosophical theories, infact, a lot of times I condemn them. But some of them are just so true, that one cannot, even if they want to, ignore them. There is an unparalleled, lasting joy in those little things that one experiences, even if it is for a moment. Those moments weave our memories which we cherish and nurture for the years to come. These are the memories which help us sail through our most trying and testing times. A huge Sunday breakfast, running around with your dog, searching for a seashell, trying to catch hold of a butterfly, finding animals in the cloud, aren't these the things that dot our childhood? Do we end up remembering how much money we spent on our birthday dress, or how much cake was mashed into it? There is just a very thin line between having money and having happiness, and we, in our spree of ignorance, tend to skip that line. Trying to buy happiness is just like taking the stairs to reach the 42nd floor, when the elevator is fully functional!

Isn't it ironical? We run after money, keep slogging like the slaves from 18th century, fight with out loved ones, crib, beg, plead and even steal in the pursuit of being happy. What we forget is that quintessential happiness is, was and will always be, free.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What The HELL!?

So much so for all the promises of love and trust and togetherness. What happened, eh? Where did all of it vanish to? Promises are tested in trying times, not when everything is just perfect. Not when life couldn't be any better. Just because I let it go, given the fact that I love you, and I don't want to fight with you doesn't mean that I am your doormat. Come, brush off your dirt and still expect me to smile and wait for you to do the same thing the next time.

What is a relationship? Isn't it a give and take thing? One has to compromise, doesn't he? And shouldn't both the parties be the understanding ones? Why should just one of them keep begging and pleading around and understand? Why can't one just be a little tiny bit supportive? What the hell!?

I am NOT you puppet, you know that? I am not someone you can manhandle and say sorry whenever you feel like and then expect me to come running back to you. Life is NOT a movie, darling. Neither am I a stupid 5 year old. I am an adult, and sorry to say I behave like one too. Too bad you're still stuck at the age of 2. Grow up. Please. For your own sake.

Oh hell yes I am pissed. Don't even try to talk me out of it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Seeking Perfection

'Who doesn't want perfection?' So said my friend, in a meek response to why she didn't want to apologise, be a bigger person and undo some not-so-happy incidents from the past. She wouldn't say sorry, because that would mean accepting her faults and falling a notch below the perfect friend standards. (If there is something like that!) She was ready to forgo her friendship to maintain her pride. I wanted to roll my eyes and tell her off, for using such ridiculous excuses, but I didn't. I just smiled and walked away. 

Was it true? Truth be told, I've never thought about it. Yes, I am very particular about where my belongings are placed, I love cleaning my room all the time, I space the words in my assignment as accurately as I can, but do I look for perfection? Do I work towards it all the time? I don't really think so. I work to be better than before, to be presentable to the level that it pleases everyone concerned, and that's it. I wouldn't ever be so obsessed with perfection that I throw away my life in the need of being "perfect". Maybe when it concerns materialistic things, I might look for the best, but never when it comes to people. We can't be on our guard every second. We cannot carry our checklist all around, just because we don't want anyone with faults. "Who's perfect, anyways?', I want to ask her. Is there anybody in the world with whom one cannot find anything wrong? Isn't that what makes us humans, and not robots manufactured in a high maintenance factory? Isn't that what distinguishes us from all the impressive perfect things that man himself has created?

It's disheartening to know that we've become so competitive and heartless that we don't want to accept anyone with their set of unique habits. It might be unacceptable to us, but that's the way of life for some people. We cannot judge people all the time. It doesn't leave us with anyone to have a laugh with, anyone to share our sorrows with. We are social beings, and we cannot exist alone in our perfect little world. Like it or not, we have to learn to accept people the way they are. For the sole reason, that they accept us too, and that's how it has always been.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grown Up!

I was born in 1991, so technically, I am an adult. 20 years old. Sounds all fancy and independent, right?

But figuratively, I was just another 14 year old teenager. I couln't even make proper chapatis, let alone cook a whole meal. I'd never moved beyond the usual maggi-with-juice-or-sandwich-for-apparent-variety. I'd never folded my clothes, never did any of my important stuff on my own. Even when I had to go somewhere, I used to pack my bag, and my mom used to counter-check it, because she always used to feel that I would leave something for the last.
Which was, sort of, true.

Till last month.

Since I've been staying alone, I've miraculously become so responsible. It's so surprising, because I never really felt that I had it in me! I mean all the multi-tasking and stuff. I was the laziest person I'd ever met. (And I meet a LOT of new people.)

I cook for myself (and that's pretty decent too!), I wash my clothes, I attend my classes, study properly as well! Can you believe that. More like, I cannot believe that!
I've started my internship too, which makes it really hectic, because I have to travel to two extreme ends of the city everyday. And I don't crib.

I find time to do everything, and I love love my busy schedule. Where I don't have the time to sit and think about useless things, which just initiate the whole negative thought procedure in my brain.
And it's wonderful!!

Maybe that's what I needed.

Things now work just my way and I am having a good time. I don't have to adjust to anybody's schedule and I can maximise my time doing stuff just for myself. It's taught me time management. It's taught me not to waste and while away time like I used to earlier!

Heck, I even discovered what a cleanliness freak I am! I just cannot survive in a mess. (Agreed, my standards are not mom standards, but then, I am on that path :P )

So, I am grown up.
It's not even a weird feeling.
I'm not scared anymore.

Bring it on life! Because, as they say, if life throws lemons at you, just catch them, squeeze them, and make a lemonade for yourself and enjoy the moments as they pass! :)