Thursday, July 16, 2015


Your touch is etched on my skin
The soft caress of your lips on mine
I can almost hear your maniacal laughter 
And catch that twinkle in your eyes
That playful banter makes me break into a wide grin
And Your eye rolls.. They make my heart flip

Grabbing and pulling each other onto the undone bed
The sheets sliding between our amorous adventurous
The screaming the squealing the infectious craziness
The urgency the lust and oh the passion
The slow intertwining of our fingers
The staggered breath the need for comfort
The hugging the coy cozying and sometimes those tears
The sweet nothings and the meeting of our eyes
The holding hands and rhythmically slipping off into fairytale world
The love, oh the beauty of the understated love

The memories that we created together
However ordinary are my extraordinary
The next time you ask me
'What did we make for each other' 
I'd say we've built a lifetime together

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

His Shirt

I stole his shirt
It was pristine white
With a few flecks of blue
It wasn’t a pattern
Holding it close
You could see
The inkstains
Fading from age

I held it close
Took it to bed
Contemplated wearing it
Or just snuggling
Right into it
The memory of his smile
Froze my thought process
I ended up
With it dangerously
Wrapped around my head

His smell lingered
I could hear his laughter
In the folds of the collar
Feel his heartbeat
In the nooks of that pocket
The world knew him as the confident man
As his neatly starched cuffs exhibited
But his nervousness lay bare
In the undone buttons
His hidden insecurities
Seeped through the fraying hem
And his mismatched last button
was another story in itself

The shirt looked like any other
Just like he could blend right in the crowd
I knew
Only my heart knew
I could hear his soul speak to mine
And pick his shirt from a thousand
Of the same kind

The inkstains
Fading from age
Were a testimony of his hard work
And no care for style
It wasn’t fancy
Or a big brand
It was special
It was divine
It was his
And he was mine