Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hold On..

Capture those smiles,
Count those tears,

Hold my hand,
while you still can.

Remember those jokes,
Embrace my stupidity,

Share those memories,
till they don't fade away.

Hold onto me,
Smile to me,
Grin at me,
Sweep me off my feet,
While we're still together.

For I may prance around,
run across,
come back to you,

Someday, maybe,
I might just not be
Strong enough to return..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Rain..

The sweet smell of rain
takes me down the memory lane
when you took me by surprise
the first time you held my hand.

The purity of the rain
brings back the day
the innocence,the amazement
of the time you first held my gaze.

The earthly tones, the dancing greens,
the million droplets,
reflect back everything I've felt
and i realise what those signs meant.

You and I.
We're meant to be.
Haven't we always been?
It all comes to me
and i realise how stupid we've been..

I love you.
I always have.
I forever will.
Would you, fellow stupid being, be mine?

And its never felt so right..