Sunday, February 28, 2010


Rise, shall I now?

Awaited you have long

I missed you eathlings

Nano large, et al

Bow to thee, little

Ones, for you're true

Wonders of the great

Supreme, His Highness, Almighty!

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Friday, February 26, 2010


Part away, floating clouds

Here I come, again

O'er the mystic ashes

Erasing the looming despondency

No, I don't promise

I shall wander again

X'mas, I'll be back..

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day, Yet Again.

Why I started with a yet again was because I wrote a similar post last year on Valentine's Day. :) Firstly, Happy Valentine's Day to all you wonderful people. It's the season of love, day of proposals, time to celebrate the beautiful emotions in your life..
But, I guess all of us have just forgotten what's it all about. It's become a mere money-throwing festival.. With girls going to saloons to prim themselves, buying new dresses, shoes and god knows what all..
It is then accompanied by expensive gifts, soon-to-be-wilted-flowers, champagnes, dinners, and more gifts. Where's the love I want to ask? I agree gifts show the love and expresses your caring nature, but, that wasn't the purpose, was it?
Yes, I'm sick of all this artificial love, and celebrating the most beautiful emotion on just one fixed day of the calender.
Doesnt it make you stop and think, where are we heading towards? That to make our loved ones feel special we have to mark our calender!!


Miss Sunshine

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Butterfly, Fly Away

Babbling beauty,
Unexpected humour,
Twinkling innocence,
Tacid intelligence..
Earthly warmth,
Radiate you, to me. <3
Friends forever,
Love what I about
You, or perhaps 'us'.

Flying along the flange,
*Lopsided* butterfly,
Yearning to break free, you

AWE me!
Whirling whimsical wings,
Ambivalent heart,
You fly away my butterfly, fly away.

For someone truly special. Happy Birthday. :)