Monday, August 29, 2011

Staying Alone!

Can you believe that? I couldnt.

I have to stay alone for a whole year. Without my parents, sister, my family!! :/
The earliest I can meet them is the next year. Yes, I do have relatives/friends etc etc to give me company and take care of me..

But how am I supposed to manage without my sister?

I've never slept without her being at my side. Never. She was the one I could do all my stupid stuff with. Without the fear of being judged. And now, I just dont have that support. Frankly, before this, I hadnt really understood her importance in my life!

And why am I far away?

STUDIES!! Can you beat that?

Ah, that's a huge panic attack and I really don't know what to do.
Maybe I deserve an ice-cream.

..But, I always go for ice-creams with my sister.

Where did I land up? :/
Calm me down, someone!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forever, Forever, Forever 21!

Yes obviously it's the same Forever 21 I am talking about!

I was a big fan of their chic clothing range back in India as well. It's a fairly decent store with a good floor space and collection. I had decided that my next birthday shopping will be done there. And maybe that I would recommend my friends to go there as well..
And all those things.

And then I went to the Forever 21 store at Times Square.


It's a F-O-U-R level store. The place makes you forget that there's a world outside. (A beautiful one, I might add.) It makes you wanna cry, and it makes you realise why do people get stuck within debt traps and resort to shoplifting.


Because of such allurements the world has to offer to us lesser mortals.
The place is filled, stashed and overflowing, with beautiful clothes, shoes, dresses, accessories, cosmetics, and more clothes..!

I'm a clothes person, but not a crazy one. (Oh well, yeah crazy but not as crazy as I am about accessories) There's a whole floor dedicated to accessories. All the cute, gothic, junky, delicate type of stuff you would ever dream of. I've been there a lot of times already and I am so gonna go there again!

It's just amazing. Try on all those pretty things, (doesn't cost you anything!) and buy the one you love the most. No prizes for guessing that I've already bought two beauties.

(Act all happy like you really wanna know, please)
(I am anyways gonna rant) :P

One is a Mesh Pendant Necklace,

and the other,

a Bejeweled Bottle Necklace

Ah. Pure love.

Yes I am awestruck.

(maybe in Forever 21)


Monday, August 8, 2011


It never was this way!
I never felt this way..
I've known you forever,

Ah! It's new,
It was always there,
But now, there's a different light,

Whenever I see you smile,
My lips do twitch a little.

When I see you laugh,
My heart does sing a bit.

Whenever I see you looking at me,
I do get a little woozy.

And, oh, whenever you look away,
My happiness sinks, a wee little bit.

The times you talk to me, just me,
It's a special adorable feeling.

And, when you turn away,
Especially to talk to some other chick,
A tiny green ray seeps in.

You tell me that I'm beautiful, pretty or even cute,
I say it doesn't matter,
But my red cheeks tell a different story.

You tell me that I'm special,
The most important thing to you,

And I realise,

I'm falling in love, alright.

Monday, August 1, 2011


So you always hear the term, but never really know what does it mean till you experience it, right?

It can never be explained, yet you wish someone had atleast given you a hint of what it is..
(They must have, but we never fully grasp it!)

And it's not really a moment of divine intervention that you want to experience it! Trust me on THAT.

Ah, nothing really happened. I was just wondering about it..
You make your friends, have the time of your life with them and just when you think you've found your best chum ever they do something which just cannot, cannot be digested. And then starts the tragedy of sadness, anger, mourning, depression, destruction and all those things. You start dating someone, life is all beautiful and one fine moment it's all gone. POOF.

Why? because of some stupid irksome reason which becomes so annoying that everything comes crashing down!

Had you ever, ever, EVER thought about it?

It's like you meet the man of your dreams, he pulls out the chair for you, calls you the first and last thing in the day, doesn't look at other girls, and tells you that you're the most beautiful girl ever.
(Yeah, such species don't exist, but it's just an example :P )

You move in with him, marry him and all the usual other things..blah and blah.

and then you find out that he picks his nose, snores when he sleeps or maybe doesn't do the laundry for a month at stretch..

How would you feel? Wouldn't you prefer pulling out your own chair, and be with a cleaner human being?

See? That's what is an Aftershock.

(You wouldn't take it seriously. till you experience it, but then don't tell me that I didn't warn you!)