Monday, August 8, 2011


It never was this way!
I never felt this way..
I've known you forever,

Ah! It's new,
It was always there,
But now, there's a different light,

Whenever I see you smile,
My lips do twitch a little.

When I see you laugh,
My heart does sing a bit.

Whenever I see you looking at me,
I do get a little woozy.

And, oh, whenever you look away,
My happiness sinks, a wee little bit.

The times you talk to me, just me,
It's a special adorable feeling.

And, when you turn away,
Especially to talk to some other chick,
A tiny green ray seeps in.

You tell me that I'm beautiful, pretty or even cute,
I say it doesn't matter,
But my red cheeks tell a different story.

You tell me that I'm special,
The most important thing to you,

And I realise,

I'm falling in love, alright.

1 comment:

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A wonderful refreshing poem and pictures. This made my day.