Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something Coming Up!

So Guys, something is cooking in my head for the past two weeks, and now I think I am ready to give it some shape. I will have a new blog dedicated to something I absolutely love. No, not bitching, silly. We have Saucy Evil for that! Not Poetry too, I am not such an accomplished poet (read: Nabila, Ashrita Di) that I have a seperate blog for that. Not even stories. Not even real life experiences. No insightful stuff, I leave it to Youth Ki Awaaz. Not even feeling too mushy like The Pink Orchid.

So what the hell is it, right? Keep wondering!
I give you a clue - it's my first love..and everlasting too.

P.S.: It's not about animals too. ;)

World Tobacco Day

Everyone knows the hazards of smoking, how it will affect you, your lungs, etc. So to all you smokers out there, I know you don't care tuppence for your own life, keep making your lungs hollow, I couldn't care less, but please do remember, that when you smoke, passive smoking harms more people than it does to you. Your loved ones, sisters, brothers, wifes, girlfriends, mothers, dads, all are at risk.

Care for them, if not for your own good. It saves your hard earned money too. The empty grave site you see there, who knows maybe yours. Stop your untimely death, and give all those lame excuses a little bit of rest.

Say No To Tobacco!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When You Look at Me

When you look at me,
That's all is what is enough,
To let me know,
What's love in the true sense,

The surge of affection,
In your deep brown eyes,
Carries me away,
The warmth in your words,
Makes me more malleable than a candle,

Cuz when you look at me,
That's all what it takes,
To make me feel, On top of this world!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lost Childhood

It's raining,
Pouring cats and dogs,
I am standing in the balconey,
Taking in the exotic smell of the damp earth.

Slowly yet suddenly,
A foolish grin spreads on my face,
As I remember the times,
When we used to play in the mucky rain,
(Which was then, divinely enchanting).

Football, rolling in the mud,
Pithoo, crazy fights,
Paper boats, sticks down the drains,
Where has it all vanished?

Remembering the hot pakoras,
Stuffed with onions and potatoes,
Gobbling and hogging the plentiful samosas,
It gnaws my insides,
Not to have fun like those times.

Oh! Childhood, where are you?
I ask this uncountable times to myself,
Even the rain seems mocking now,
Thundering and pouring heavily,
Mocking my inability.

I miss the rains,
I miss my friends,
It's all so frustrating and trashed.

Even as I turn to go back inside,
To my dull surroundings,
I see, as a sign of hope,
Two li'l kiddos,
running around and
splashing the cars with the filthy mud.

My smile returns,
cuz I know someday,
I might just get out of my cocoon,
and play like them.

P.S.: Not a fiction.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


So, after the Delhi loss yesterday, I can now whole-heartedly concentrate on RCB. I am sad for Delhi, even after such a consistent performance, they were thrown out in a trice. I so wanted them to go to the finals! But alas, History repeated itself, in their case.
Hmm, It's RCB *Royal Challengers Bangalore* Vs. CSK *Chennai Super Kings* today. CSK opted for batting first, and well, made 146 for 5 in 20 overs. That will mean roughly 7.4 runs per over for Bangalore to beat them. Kallis, Dravid, Pandey, Taylor,Kohli we're dependent on you guys!
Not unachievable, isn't it?
I am so nervous, I so hope they make it. Go RCB, go on! Mallya, give them a sip, man! (To boost there spirits, lol.) All the best!

Dho dena Dhoni ki!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sweet Revenge

*Pin Drop Silence*
*The clock chimes 12 in the night*

He: (thinks) Enough is enough! I can't stand it anymore. In fact, I shouldn't stand it anymore. I am a man after all, I shouldn't let go of my dignity!

*Gets up from the his bed, pulls out the knife, from it's hiding place, underneath the bed.*
*Looks at his girlfriend, sleeping on the left side of the same bed, with pure distaste*

He: What does she think of herself? Can't I have what I want? IT IS MY HOUSE. She will have to pay the price.

*His girlfriend is now murmuring something, asking him to be quiet and sleep*

He: (Laughs) *Devilish* After all, even Eve, the only woman at that time had to pay the price of her fault.

He: (to his girlfriend, even though she is not listening) You just wait and watch, Miss Granger, what I do now.

*Walks to the fridge, takes out the only Kashmiri apple left, his girlfriend's favourite fruit, slices it, eats with with unparallel joy, and leaves the seeds on the worktop for his girlfriend to see, in the morning.*

He: Ahh, the sweet taste of revenge!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Crazy Ordeal

That's my crazy ordeal with the oh-so-famous DTC buses of Delhi. (For the uninitiated, DTC buses are plied by the Delhi Transport Corporation, and have a very nice reputation of killing people, driving rashly, rapes, eve-teasing et al.)

I had been in those buses twice before, but once with my grandpa, when I was very young, and once with my friends. So, basically I did not notice or face any crap before. I am doing my intern so to reach there I usually take a chartered bus which is very comfortable, picks me from my home(well, almost) and drops me till my office. As usual, I waited for it to come yesterday. Little did I know that it wont be the case. As soon as I realised that the bus wasn't going to come, I flipped my phone out, called my dad and said, "DA-AD, bus nahi aa rahi!" My dad said, "So?, Take some other bus till XYZ road, then take another one till ABC, turn right, ......"

ME: OH NO!!!!!

So, I boarded one bus, did not get a seat, obviously, was pushed, pulled, swung like a pendulum from all sides! And not to forget the leching bastards, they stare as the dog stares at the hanging peice of meat at the butcher's shop. I asked the conductor thrice as to where I should get down to get the best possible bus for my final destination. He said, "Arre Madam, mere par vishwaas karneka, main utaar doonga apko!" And I got my clue to shut up and not to irritate him further in the scorching heat. After much swinging , bouncing, I was finally dropped at a bus stop, where, according to the bus conductor the best bus would arrive. NOT, was the case. Yes, my very charmed good luck! I then asked a few people here and there, and they pointed to a bus stop which was two crossings later. I groaned, heaved my 10 KG bag (it seemed so!) and started walking that bit, a little later I realised, that it was a bit far for walking, so I boarded another bus for that short distance. It again, dropped me on some other side, the wrong one obviously, and I had to walk to the bus stop. I finally got onto the "correct" bus, and miraculously found a seat! (Maybe my luck had gone for it's breakfast, and it forgot that it had to be ruthless.) The conductor was a nice guy, he told me exactly what to do once I get off, and it was pretty accurate too. SO finally after 2 hours of dhakka-mukki I reached my office. It should have ideally taken me 40 minutes, but it took me two hours, not to miss the draining heat of Delhi, the oh-so-heavy bag of mine, the twists and turns in my stomach, due to the recent bout of food poisoning, and the unknown terrorising buses! When I reached my office, I checked into the loo straight away, thankfully, because I looked like one of those labourers who work at the construction sites all day long!

*Hats off to them*

The Good part of the day:

As soon as I reported to my boss, he asked me how I commuted that day and all, and I told him about my crazy ride, and he therefore asked me to come only TWICE a week! *YAHOO* AND, that he would drop me, as he lives nearby ;)


The conversation:

Me: Sir, I had to change 3 buses and then take an auto to reach.

Sir: Aapko yeh sab karna padta agar aap ghar pe rehte?

Me: (Scared) umm..No sir.

He: Then just stay at home and come twice a week, and I'll drop you, silly girl. My wife also works here , so you can travel in her car. (The take two cars because of the working hours difference)

Me: (Want to do a whoopee dance) Thank you sir. (and leave)

P.S.: DTC buses did some good at last , haina?

I Miss You

I can't take it anymore.

Minutes pass by, uncountable times,
I'm craving for your company,
Seamless, I want the borders to be,
Seeing you soon, has become my only fantasy.

You aren't near..but I know you ain't far,
One of these days, I'm gonna reach you, wherever you are,
Until then, I lie down, counting the stars, and missing you, the brightest and the most far..

Friday, May 15, 2009

You and I

You smile,

I laugh,

You pinch,

I shout,

You hug,

I blush,

You throw,

I catch,

You speak,

I hear,

You walk,

I run,

You smirk,

I giggle,

You fly,

I am your shadow.

You ate,

I saw,

You cried,

I comforted,

You hated,

I loved,

You cursed,

I shattered,

You disappeared,

I broke,

You walked,

I treaded the same worn out path.

You're going,

I'm crying,
You're shouting,

Not to me,

You're merry-making,

Not with me,

You're still smiling,

And I'm just trying.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello Sun-Rays!

If you don't understand what sunrays here refer to, see my previous post here.
Buckle up your seatbelts sirs and ma'ams!

So, this months Awards goes to:
Neeraj : For his mother's day post. Very touching, (by Neeraj's standards!) JK!
It would make any mom happy :)
The Pink Orchid: For her 101th post. Did you leave anyone who wasn't happy after reading that?? :P
True Believer a.k.a Mrinal: For your Father Post, I don't know about anyone else, but it sure made ME happy!
Ashrita Di: For the amzingly thoughtful thank you note. So many smiles it brought. I am so sure.

Nabila: For personal reasons, which she'll understand for sure. ;) It ain't cheating, cuz they're my awards, and she made me happy by one way. Thanks.

@ Everyone
If you ever find any happy post, do post the link to me! I want to award everyone, even if they aren't on my list! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sun-Ray Awards!

Well, I was waiting for a 14th to come to start this! (14th - it's a special date.) So here it is..with a bang!

I am going to award my fellow bloggers, for their happy posts, in the past month, (it will run from 14th - 14th , every month) . The number wont be fixed, cuz happiness isn't counted, the more the merrier!

P.S. I am doing this to encourage happiness, in our cranky lives!

So, Happy Sun-Ray awards! and Keep Waiting, until tomorrow!


Monday, May 11, 2009


P.S. :Dedicated to All the P.S. users, and their queen, Annie.

Wondering, why a P.S. even before the post started? I was just thinking, (After reading Annie's comment) how we have this very weird habit of after everything, even when we can just go back and edit stuff. Perhaps, P.S. was started because in the early times, there were no "backspace" in the letters our ancestors used to write. But, the question is why now?

I am a self confessed, I can go upto P.P.P.P.P.P.S and more. LOL! For me, writing a P.S. is something very special. (You are still not familiar with the weird me!? ) It has it's own aura, charm, even if you have explained everything in two hundred paragraphs above that. P.S. adds a different dimension to the whole document! It adds a personal touch, never mind if it's sarcasm loaded or has a caring touch. It keeps your mind in action, thinking, analysing, what did that P.S. mean!?? It has come a long way, since the time ,when it was just used for adding something you forgot..
I use P.S. when I am really mad at my boyfriend, and use it sarcastically.. e.g. "P.S. : Thanks for spending so much time with me today.", on those days when we haven't talked properly or something. When we weren't dating, but I wanted to drop hints, "P.S. : You looked cute today." It does the job, trust me. :P

Ahem, and, whenever you don't want the reader (in the case of your blog) to think that this particular post is about something, which it actually is, a P.S. is what you need to confirm his "guess" into "reality".
Whenever you want to write a hate-mail, (I never used it, somebody else did it on me.. ;) ) use something like this, P.S. : You still are the biggest bitch on the face of this earth or something, haha! It sure leaves the other person fuming, cuz, nobody actually reads the whole crap, they just skim through, and P.S. makes it all the more prominent!
and to prove THAT I am not blabbering about something crappy.. Ever noticed how the twist in the smashing hit novel Da Vinci Code was all because of a small P.S.!??
And the heart warming P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern!?? ;)

Intriguing, isn't it?

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am so nervous! : My internship is going to start, and I really don't know what to do, what to say, what NOT to say, what to wear, LOL! I am so scared, I don't know why. I am scared if they will just kick me out, or be full of praises. I am scared if I should go to the loo or not, or if I should pick up phone calls. I am scared as to whether I can take a leave, go out early, ask them to give me my work for home work or not. WHY IS ALL this so scary!?? AHHHHHH!!!!! LOL :P
I hope I pull it off nicely the first day, cuz if the start's good, I'll be fine :P

All you been-there-done-that, gimme tips, okay? Thank YOU! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

50 Things I Love..

So, Finally I have completed 50 posts, rather this is my 50th post. So, I am going to bore you, enlighten you with 50 things I like. :P

  1. Stamps.

  2. Dogs.

  3. Coloured Pens.

  4. Stuff Toys.

  5. Converse.

  6. Books.

  7. Food.

  8. Harry Potter.

  9. Twilight.

  10. Ribbons.

  11. Magnets.

  12. Beads.

  13. Bags.

  14. Craft.

  15. Smilies :P ;)

  16. Fevicol.

  17. Sequins.

  18. Clothes/Shopping.

  19. Stickers.

  20. Tic-Tac Clips.

  21. Blue (Colour).

  22. Music.

  23. My iPod.

  24. Doodling.

  25. Cycling.

  26. Playing.

  27. Chocolates.

  28. Trees.

  29. Orchids. (BLUE ones).

  30. Beaches.

  31. Balls.

  32. Balloons.

  33. Writing/Blogging.

  34. Scissors.

  35. Cellphone.

  36. Mud.

  37. Cakes/Pastries.

  38. Gol-Gappas.

  39. Irritating everyone.

  40. Friends (The Sitcom)

  41. Disney.

  42. Laughing.

  43. Pasta.

  44. Cartoon Network.

  45. Green Colour.

  46. Bitching.

  47. Basket-Ball.

  48. Wine.

  49. ILMB! *wink*

  50. My Crazy Readers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get A Life

Extended Warning: If you are as sensitive as a touch-me-not, DON'T read it. OR if you are a li'l kid (at the mind). Period. Don't blame me later.

(Prompted by Saucy Evil)

So, I am going to vent out SO much today. Sit back, and relax. And DON’T read if you don’t have time. I hate it when people read half of anything and then judge.

All of you, mentioned here, go get a life, even if it’s from the Chinese Bazaar, who sells everything for Rs. 65. Please, I beg you, go get one.

  • Damsel in Distress: OMG! You piss me off to no extent. Don’t you have two eyes, hands, ears, legs? They aren’t meant for Gucci glasses only, you know. If you have a problem, can’t you solve it on your own? WHY do you need to call your boyfriend, EVERY DAMNED TIME?? I can never understand.

  • Grammar Mistakers: Maybe I am being a bit too harsh, but I cannot simply handle it. If you can’t converse in English, Speak in Hindi. It’s Not uncool. You can’t spell Grammar, (it’s NOT –er) , but want to be super cool. And speaking is English is not a meausure to be cool or not. Get that?

  • Cry-Babies : Okay, your exam was not nice. OKAY, your boyfriend dumped you. I am sorry for you, but you don’t have to cry everytime you see any homo-sapien, get that?WE ARE NOT THAT INTERESTED. This is 21st century, for hell’s sake.

  • Wannabe Celebrities: Yeah, you adopted your 700th kid. Like it will affect me. You apply nightingale poop on your face. I cannot care less. You sunbathe naked in your garden, the journalists click you picture. Who is to blame? YOU. You are a public figure. Itna dimaag nahi hai? (Don’t you have this much brains?) And, we seriously do NOT care if you are a lesbian, bi, gay or whatever. Keep twittering and DO get a life.

  • Be Fullfilled: Please! I mean, you have problem with everything you own, have, are provided with! Be proud of your parents, country, up-bringing. (NO you rapists, this ain’t for you.)

  • I-Can’t-Stand-Abuses: You will watch roadies, will make out every beep. WHY!? Why act then? Okay, don’t abuse. That’s not necessary, but you don’t have to flinch everytime anyone else does. Act Indifferent.

  • Anonymous Posters: What are you scared of? Speaking your own mind? Excuse me? If you don’t have the guts to speak your own mind, might as well sell it. Go live in the Zoo.

  • Wannabe-I-am-So-Hot: NO you are not. Your skimpy skirt doesn’t suit your bulges, Miss. And neither your SO hot low waist pants. NO. WE don’t wanna see your underwear brands.

  • I-am-scared-of-animals: Excuse me!? That squirell is NOT going to eat you! Ever wondered how HE will be scared of your size? Poor things are not even 1/10th of your size, but stiull you have to scream at the top of your lungs even when they are a kilometer away

  • “Inspired Copycats” : Inspire and copying are two different things. Go check the dictionary. Period.

  • Unpatriotic Bastards : Don’t love your country? STOP cribbing, do something, or just F*ck OFF. Love the U.S.? Go stick your ass there, atleast the population will be less. Can’t move a leaf, but you have to complain. Damned Losers.

  • Ekta Kapoors and Rakhi Sawants: I don’t think I need to explain that.

  • Rapists: You should go, give your life. Not get one. Can’t control your sexuality. I wish there was some capital punishment, like cutting off your thing forever.

  • Netas: Oh please, you can’t even stand up on your own, want to run the nation? Stop dreaming! For your sake.

  • Bimbos Trying To Act Smart: You do not know what the 1-2-3 agreement is, and you call yourself an Indian? Reading newspapers is uncool? NO, You are. Make-up doesn’t rule the world you know. Cuz’ at the end of the day it’s Nicholas Sarkozy who does the job, not Carla Bruni.

  • Sympathy Givers: I am sad. Yes. But I am not dead or neither have I lost my limbs. You don't have to fawn around me, over me and feel sorry for me.

  • "Chat Friends": If I am not replying to you, say I am busy once, twice, thrice, and more times. THIS obviously means I don't want to talk to you. Get a life dude. Give me a break!

  • Back-stabbers: You have a problem with me? COME AND TELL ME! Stop laughing behind my back. Please. Stop acting **best-friends** with me, when you and I , both know that we aren’t.

  • Wannabe liars: Lying is an art not many can accomplish. Try only when you’re proficient. Cuz try-try till you succeed doesn’t apply here.

  • Eve-Teasers: Appreciating beauty is one thing, staring at a girls b**bs is another. If you are so interested, Go get some implanted. B*st*rds.

  • You-are-a-kid: (This doesn't apply to Ashrita Di, Ms. R., Nabs, obviously.) Ahem, Yes, I am a kid. I am proud of it. Cuz I don't need to flaunt my "adulthood" . Because, I know I am an adult, and you also know that I am more mature than all of you put together. Keep your lectures to yourself, please.You talk as if you were always born a 20 something.

Friday, May 1, 2009

You Make Me Wanna!

I just wanted to post the lyrics, this is like the BEST song ever!
It's You Make Me Wanna by Blue. *Duncan James* *DROOOOOOOOOOL*
It is such a hummable song, and it's romantic, yet peppy, IT totally defines me. I know I sound crazy, but well, I beg to differ :)

I am gonna post my favourite paragraph, which is the chorus too!

Everytime you see me what do you see?
I feel like I'm a poor man and you're the queen.
Oh baby, you're the only thing that I really need.
Baby that's why:

You make me wanna call you in the middle of the night.
You make me wanna hold you till the morning light.
You make me wanna love, you make me wanna fall.
You make me wanna surrender my soul.
I know this is a feeling that I just can't fight.
You're the first and last thing on my mind.
You make me wanna love, you make me wanna fall.
You make me wanna surrender my soul.