Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get A Life

Extended Warning: If you are as sensitive as a touch-me-not, DON'T read it. OR if you are a li'l kid (at the mind). Period. Don't blame me later.

(Prompted by Saucy Evil)

So, I am going to vent out SO much today. Sit back, and relax. And DON’T read if you don’t have time. I hate it when people read half of anything and then judge.

All of you, mentioned here, go get a life, even if it’s from the Chinese Bazaar, who sells everything for Rs. 65. Please, I beg you, go get one.

  • Damsel in Distress: OMG! You piss me off to no extent. Don’t you have two eyes, hands, ears, legs? They aren’t meant for Gucci glasses only, you know. If you have a problem, can’t you solve it on your own? WHY do you need to call your boyfriend, EVERY DAMNED TIME?? I can never understand.

  • Grammar Mistakers: Maybe I am being a bit too harsh, but I cannot simply handle it. If you can’t converse in English, Speak in Hindi. It’s Not uncool. You can’t spell Grammar, (it’s NOT –er) , but want to be super cool. And speaking is English is not a meausure to be cool or not. Get that?

  • Cry-Babies : Okay, your exam was not nice. OKAY, your boyfriend dumped you. I am sorry for you, but you don’t have to cry everytime you see any homo-sapien, get that?WE ARE NOT THAT INTERESTED. This is 21st century, for hell’s sake.

  • Wannabe Celebrities: Yeah, you adopted your 700th kid. Like it will affect me. You apply nightingale poop on your face. I cannot care less. You sunbathe naked in your garden, the journalists click you picture. Who is to blame? YOU. You are a public figure. Itna dimaag nahi hai? (Don’t you have this much brains?) And, we seriously do NOT care if you are a lesbian, bi, gay or whatever. Keep twittering and DO get a life.

  • Be Fullfilled: Please! I mean, you have problem with everything you own, have, are provided with! Be proud of your parents, country, up-bringing. (NO you rapists, this ain’t for you.)

  • I-Can’t-Stand-Abuses: You will watch roadies, will make out every beep. WHY!? Why act then? Okay, don’t abuse. That’s not necessary, but you don’t have to flinch everytime anyone else does. Act Indifferent.

  • Anonymous Posters: What are you scared of? Speaking your own mind? Excuse me? If you don’t have the guts to speak your own mind, might as well sell it. Go live in the Zoo.

  • Wannabe-I-am-So-Hot: NO you are not. Your skimpy skirt doesn’t suit your bulges, Miss. And neither your SO hot low waist pants. NO. WE don’t wanna see your underwear brands.

  • I-am-scared-of-animals: Excuse me!? That squirell is NOT going to eat you! Ever wondered how HE will be scared of your size? Poor things are not even 1/10th of your size, but stiull you have to scream at the top of your lungs even when they are a kilometer away

  • “Inspired Copycats” : Inspire and copying are two different things. Go check the dictionary. Period.

  • Unpatriotic Bastards : Don’t love your country? STOP cribbing, do something, or just F*ck OFF. Love the U.S.? Go stick your ass there, atleast the population will be less. Can’t move a leaf, but you have to complain. Damned Losers.

  • Ekta Kapoors and Rakhi Sawants: I don’t think I need to explain that.

  • Rapists: You should go, give your life. Not get one. Can’t control your sexuality. I wish there was some capital punishment, like cutting off your thing forever.

  • Netas: Oh please, you can’t even stand up on your own, want to run the nation? Stop dreaming! For your sake.

  • Bimbos Trying To Act Smart: You do not know what the 1-2-3 agreement is, and you call yourself an Indian? Reading newspapers is uncool? NO, You are. Make-up doesn’t rule the world you know. Cuz’ at the end of the day it’s Nicholas Sarkozy who does the job, not Carla Bruni.

  • Sympathy Givers: I am sad. Yes. But I am not dead or neither have I lost my limbs. You don't have to fawn around me, over me and feel sorry for me.

  • "Chat Friends": If I am not replying to you, say I am busy once, twice, thrice, and more times. THIS obviously means I don't want to talk to you. Get a life dude. Give me a break!

  • Back-stabbers: You have a problem with me? COME AND TELL ME! Stop laughing behind my back. Please. Stop acting **best-friends** with me, when you and I , both know that we aren’t.

  • Wannabe liars: Lying is an art not many can accomplish. Try only when you’re proficient. Cuz try-try till you succeed doesn’t apply here.

  • Eve-Teasers: Appreciating beauty is one thing, staring at a girls b**bs is another. If you are so interested, Go get some implanted. B*st*rds.

  • You-are-a-kid: (This doesn't apply to Ashrita Di, Ms. R., Nabs, obviously.) Ahem, Yes, I am a kid. I am proud of it. Cuz I don't need to flaunt my "adulthood" . Because, I know I am an adult, and you also know that I am more mature than all of you put together. Keep your lectures to yourself, please.You talk as if you were always born a 20 something.


gargi said...

hehee... i should do this... vent out my anger n thoughts too!... :)

i agree with you in all of them!...

tke care!!

Miss Sunshine said...

:P :) haha, it's a fun excersise, I tell you! try ;)

Quirky Mon said...

Thanks for saying it...and saying it so well. you speak for a lot of us here :)
And btw, I am ashamed to admit but I jump too at the sight of a pigeon. Can't help it! :P

Ms.R. said...

Hahaha nice one. Now that you've posted it here, it won't be posted there :)

Miss Sunshine said...

lol, that's funny quirky.. :P
and it's okayy.. u don't do all of those things na..!

@ Ms. R!
arrrreeeeeeeee.. yeh toh pehle bataya nahi tha! Saucy Evil WL thodi na hai! PLEASE post kardo! next time, i will take care of it.! :|
please! lol

Ms.R. said...

Hahaha nahi bacha. Really. We've edited it and I think you made some new additions. Send in new stuff sometime. :) Different stuff. Nothing inspired.

Anonymous said...

hey dats nice to hear from you appu baba.... so miss sunshine is whinin... awwwwwwwwww..... now stop cryin baby.... but you know, you sad no abusing and blah blah blah, but what can one do when some one copiles.......??

yes you are right, there is a diffrn btw copy and inspiration, i am sure few people are yet to learn that!! if i wirte about a bitch then **** is ma inspiration but if i write something from sm1s "about me" direct then its copyin...

AB THORA HINDI u said speakin in hindi is also cool, humko hindi aata hai... copyin is chori and inspiration is prerna! chori karna paap hai, aur zabaan kharab ho toh fir bhi theek hai dost, par kuch logon ka dil hi kharab hota hai!! Agar koi mazak nahi sehen karsakta toh usse dosti karne ka koi faeda nahi hai!! Aap bohot achcha likhe magar shayad aap kisi ke tarah banne ki koshish kiye..... magar billi kabhi shrni nahi bansakti!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

ahem ahem....i think i fit in one of those..."grammar mistakers"!!....

but I completely agree with all of these!!!!i noe they ALL are such big turn offs!!!!!!!!!!....ewwwwww

but u noe...m tryin to m not THAT bad...hehehehe...

and ur humor is the ice topping on this post...I LOVED it!!

Satans Darling™ said...

Hahaha! I have to agree with Mon.. I am STILL scared of Pigeons!

Did you mean Anu Malik there when you spoke of inspired copycats :P

Anonymous said...

She meant herself

Anonymous said...

She meant herself

Anonymous said...

now shez gona delete anonymous coz she is a kid.......... sory 4 wrng grammer.

яノςんム said...

very strong write up!!
i must say u have got a mind of your own and u look good writeing such stuff unlike hypocrites :D

i have to say, i could not agree more on each point :D

Anonymous said...

B-I-T-C-H..... So many dint liked you i had no idea.... but now u guess u r unwanted shit of this blog world, next time b4 u ask sm1 to get a life for themself, you better look at urself once!! I think delhi mai girls r given dat edge over guys, but atleast guys like me give a damn to such attitude queens, already 99 ships have sunk in valley of u sluts, one more left.... This is the 100th one!! Next time b4 pointin fingers @ any1 see how many people like you!!

Anonymous said...

"u have got a mind of your own and u look good writeing such stuff unlike hypocrites"

this is wht ppl think of copycats ! hahaha

this is wht ppl think of u woman !


ur such a copycat. all ur frnds have lent u idea 4 tis blog innit? i mean u wer 'inspired' the anu malik way

hahahahaha awryt tel every1 ur blog is a reflection of all ur frnds

ur posts, ur name, ur blog - everythin. talk abt inspiration ! ur frnds mus b so inspirin !

but they wish they never had u as a frnd !

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant 'inspired' post. But wait wasn't the Saucy Evil all about complaints and well didn't you copy the idea yet again?? But im so glad finally someone put things straight for you! And you know what i know speaking in english isn't cool, but then instead of passing comments why dont you help others improve it? After all it is our second language!! And as far as being a kid is concerned, no one likes an overgrown baby who is so attention seeking that she asks simple doubts to the same people she named, doubts which can be very well cleared by google too! You know if someone tries to make an effort to look good, appreciate. Dont get jealous and call them bimbos! For how long will you hide behind your 'tomboy' facade?? And well if some girls have all the luck in the world and have boyfriends who support them, are you jealous again. And well when you are upset about your chat friends not getting the message why do you keep disturbing your 'best chat friends'. And last but not the least back stabbers tried to get the message across for a long time, dropped hints, indirectly told you. But you just wont get the hints babe! In the end i just want to say, YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

and listen to this.....every time u have a habbit of ":p", apni yeh kuttiya waali aadat insaanon ke beech na dikhao..... no one is gonna feen u any bones!!

and again, hope u had enough for the day, i dint want to hurt a woman's heart but i guess u left no option AB!!

mysterious gal said...

oooo Fuck i m rollicking ROFL
gosh appu u know what this is fun....i wanna try writing it out too....but then u included all the points notin left for me .....
and trust me ...i hate lizards ....and when i read that one i was remembering Ash and pigeons :P

and i even suck at grammer sometimes even though i write, can speak nicely and did my eng(hons) u never know :P

i hate those copy cat types too :P

Gosh Appu i love u so much for this post :D

Satans Darling™ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ur a wanabe liar too ..... u think lying is good stufff? bitch is this wht ur parents taught u? bloody kid... ppl try not to lie and say others not to lie but u.... ur trying to make everyone lie... ur bloggging abt it... whats with u and ur fucking ideology... u dont need to get a life but u need to give ur life too...

ur also a back stabbing bitch..... ur lyk those ppl who r sweet on face then go behind and speak lies which art ur proficient at... bkl.

hence ur a kid everyone knws it and u too.

Miss Sunshine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Sunshine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gargi said...

WOW..what is wrong with these anonymous people???... Appu have you like made enemies or something??!!..

Gosh people!..if you do have to comment say something good!..and don't abuse and prove yourselves to be such douche bags!

I am like sitting in front of the screen with my eyes and mouth wide open in shock!

Appu...put change your comments settings so you don't have to put up with this rubbish!



is this ANONYMOUS creature crack or what?its good that THIS person has put his/her(ummm thats a problem...atleast they should tell their gender) honest opinion...but HALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!if he/she was jealous of you he/she could have hv pulled ur hair off..(if he/she has guts, which i noe he/she lacks), I know appu u can handle such creeps urself but can i PLAESE jump in...I would love to tear him/her apart!!

and listen u anonymous Bitch/Dog go ahead and tell your NAME and be big enough(which surly u are pretending to be)...and another thing being a kid is a wonderful thing if any1 has SOME common knowledge(which is obviously not common) u'd noe that there is a kid inside everyone at EVERY age...its YOUR problem if YOU DELIBERATELY KILL THAT KID IN YOU!!that's SO VERY inhuman!!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Common Man
Was I crying? Did not seem so to me. :O
Anyways, would you please explain to me that whom am I trying to become?
I did not understand, seriously.
And yeah, I agree on your copying and inspiration theory. :D
and, neither am i a Cat nor a Lioness, and I don't wanna be either. I am happy as a human :)

@ Mrinal
thnku so much :)
hehe..and ur grammar is pretty cool enough :D :P

@ Ash
lol, it's okay. I din mean it that way. LOL :) sab thode khiskele hote hain, me too for that matter :P

@ Richa
heya.. thnx :) everone has a mind of their own yaar! :P

lol, I am glad i made you laugh.. :P :)
yea, u try too..and u are such a prolific writer dude.. please! don't say that.. u'r makin me underconfident.. haha :P

@ Gargi
I am not going to bother. I have so much importance in their lives, that they take the pains to lash out on me. :P haha! And i also din know so many people hate me.. :D

Miss Sunshine said...

@ mrinal
arre.. leave him/her/it yaar.. :D
don't take the pains.. don't give them importance..that's all they want.. haha!

neeraj_only said...

appu too much of evil thing all about gaalis!!?
kya hai ye sab!!!........

you are talking about beeps on roadies...and you are taking help of "*" to hide gaalis hypocrite ..rightly said someone ...grrr

Miss Sunshine said...

@ neeraj,
I meant don't act as if you aer mortified by the use of gaalis.. I never said gaali mat do pehle..and said that give them later.
Rest is upto your interpretation.

Miss Sunshine said...


Miss Sunshine said...

@ Ash
yes , i meant Anu Malik.. haha, howdya know?

neeraj_only said...

thik hai appu got your loved reading all points.

will do proper analysis of all tomorrow..or day after tomorrow......thoda busy hun abhi :P

IcE MaiDeN said...

i m NOT even goin to bother replyin on ur post appu... cz as usual it will be excellent.. rather i hav a few words for someotehrs..

allryt u mothrfkin "anony" ppl..seriously dude/dudette/chakka's whtever... GET. A. LIFE. before writin all dat crap.. whch noone even bothered reading.. did u realize tht this is wht appu wrote n she said she wrote it. hellyeah!! tak it leave it.. whereas U cant even say ur own name u fcking peice of shit!!! ur so worthless u deserve to go kill urself. NOW. ugghh!!! wht a waste u ppl are!!!

hmm nw tht we are done..

Appu my darling!! hi5!!! i LOVE it!! n log kehte hai toh kehne do. logo ka kaam hai kehna.

lotsa luv,

fms1988 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh I love this post so much. It's beautiful and very importantly, TRUE! Miss Sunshine, u have some very clear vision :)

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Neeraj
take your time :)

@ Annie
hon, stop it yaar.. it doesn't matter.. :P :)

@ Crowscious
heya.. thnku thnku :P :)

Krishna P. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krishna P. said...

@ Anonymous

Bloody losers, get a life please. This post was all about you fuckers. You don't have the balls to reveal your name.. but want to say crap.. if you ahve the guts, reveal your name..then say stuff..
random bastards..
STAY away.. don't have a mind of your own.. but bhokna zaroor hai..

Anonymous said...


this post was nice and you have expressed your views about what are the things happening around you which you do not dislike..

venting is always relieving.. :)

and rest everything i told you on the chat.. :)

Satans Darling™ said...


Miss Sunshine said...

@ Kajal
ur an ANGEL! dat's all I want to say. :P

@ Ash

*sighs back*

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Krishna

sweets, ot's alrite :)

Miss Sunshine said...


Anonymous said...

hey krishna, i guess u r vinod, bhokna tum band karo aur kaan kholkar sunlo..... bohot baar tumhaari jo bhi hai usko samjhaya ki COPY nahi karien..... usse bhi poochlo. Shayad tumko nahi pata ki ek post koi kitna shauq se likhta hai aur yeh ladki copy karleti hai!!

i dunno about others but one anonymous bastard is me!! And i had a reason to abuse your gal, i have nothin personal with her dude but she crossed her limits, you will not find so many peole sayin so much on any other bog....think n say, it must b her mistake dats y.., dont try to defend her wen she is not correct!!

i m not abusing you cos u r not der in da scene, but since u came to rescue your barbie doll, 09836364507 is ma no.... n i stay in calcutta.... jo karna hai karlo.

So stop showing off and if you reali wanna show off then i dont mind meeting you some time in life.
may be in july, i might be coming to delhi, atleast till then shut up and instead of blah blah blah over here, control your baby!!

Riddhika said...


neeraj_only said...

@common-man : i was just guessing that 'anonymous' is you..because you talked about copying ....will be good to see what appu's reaction is.....hehe

appu bhai!!..u have been targetted for temination :P

"Long live evil thoughts"

Anonymous said...

@neeraj: hey dude this is not a joke, hope you could guess the other 4names too!! i know them but i give a damn to others..... n i do not want any reactions..... and whoever is askin me to get a life then they dont know any thing....

@ others: Copy cats need to get a life, some1 who raises his voice against coping does not need to. And i am not going to give a explanation to everybody, so others stop poking your F******* nose in other's business, and mind your own business!!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Common Man
Keep your number to yourself, okay!? Keep your publicity stunts to yourself too. AND, dare you abuse my boyfriend. DARE YOU DO THAT. If you so want to, do it on your blog, don't dirty mine.
And , I really don't know what your trying to say by me copying somebody else's stuff, if you could explain it would be better. Rest is obviously upto you. ANd what did yiu think!? I din know that it was you as the anonymous?
You must be dumb, not me.
Keep pissing yourself. Enjoy.

@ Neeraj
Really, whatever. I knew almost all the anonymouses, but as i said, they don't have THAT much importance in my life ki main apna dimaag kharab karoon.

neeraj_only said...

baap re!! things getting out of this.....hands up ^O^

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Common Man
My boyfriend ain't that vella that he will meet YOU out of all the people in this whole world.

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Neeraj
haha, :P :)
Yea, I don't want you to hate him too. :P :D

Ms.R. said...

Apurva I don't want things getting dirtier than this. Your boyfriend asked for it anyway. If you have so much of a problem then chat online instead of making an issue over here. We all know who is trying the publicity stunts. Clueless? It's you. Why did I say this? Well I've been out of thi but after seeing that you have no intention of replying to mails buyt making an issue over here, it made me think if you actually pretend to be such a kid. Well you are not. That's for sure. This publicity stunt is yours. No one else's. If you are so bothered then chat online. One to one thing and clear this mess off. Else don't bother continuing this shit.

mysterious gal said...


What is all this happening out here
and what is this fight abt such nonsensical stuff.....

Appu Gal if someone feels there is something plagiarized here...u should like good ppl go abt and resolve the matter..instead of dirt flying....i agree to what Ms R says why dont u go abt resolving the matter in private

See no dirts flows if there r no issues.....

see there is lots that goes into creating a idea and u have no idea how it feels when someone copies it....its like all ur hardwork gone waste when the copier gets the appreciation.....i m a creative person and i know how much i hate plagiarism....
copying is not just abt content its abt ideas as garb of frndship if someone does it...its hurts bigtime and i know how Ms R feels....appreciation is one thing and presenting it as ur own is another....

And instead of dirt splashing here...,.if u think ur right go ahead and resolve the issue and misunderstanding......and if u know where ur wrong atleast apologize and dont repeat garb of kid dont do unhealthy adult stuff

rest i feel u know who is right and who is wrong

----Peace ------

Anonymous said...

Whom are you trying to explain nabila.... its of no use, still she will never agree that she copied big time, and her followers think she is creative.
She will never know how it feels being copied, and that too by some one you call friend!

Anyways, i do not want to say, as i already said much to mater people think ill about me, but all i know is, she is a cheater and not a kid for sure.

Anonymous said...

@ APPU: it was your boi who was tryin to show off and do dat publicity stunt..... i know i have become bad in eyes of many people but i dont care, as all i know that ui r a cheater and some one had to open his mouth!!
and if your boi was not a vella then who asked him to poke his fukin nose when he did not know anything.
And even i care a damn about him, but it was he who was showin off his manlism and asking about who commented if we care or we are scared of him...LOL.

Anyways, agar nabila ka baat akal mai gussi hai toh, say sorry or atleast go and clear it out!!!
i still doubt, as u will say, u dnt wanna dirty your lang or y should u go n clear it n if sm1 wantsto then come to me n blah blah blah blah blah..... your wish, we are not gonna say any further.