Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello Sun-Rays!

If you don't understand what sunrays here refer to, see my previous post here.
Buckle up your seatbelts sirs and ma'ams!

So, this months Awards goes to:
Neeraj : For his mother's day post. Very touching, (by Neeraj's standards!) JK!
It would make any mom happy :)
The Pink Orchid: For her 101th post. Did you leave anyone who wasn't happy after reading that?? :P
True Believer a.k.a Mrinal: For your Father Post, I don't know about anyone else, but it sure made ME happy!
Ashrita Di: For the amzingly thoughtful thank you note. So many smiles it brought. I am so sure.

Nabila: For personal reasons, which she'll understand for sure. ;) It ain't cheating, cuz they're my awards, and she made me happy by one way. Thanks.

@ Everyone
If you ever find any happy post, do post the link to me! I want to award everyone, even if they aren't on my list! :)


Anonymous said...

wow!! that was sooooooooooo sweet of you..:D will put it up on my blog in sometime..:)

neeraj_only said...

appu!! : coming so cutee again!!!. U so niceee ( kajal used sweet , i had to use cute here )

go gr8 appu...

mysterious gal said...

awww ..u know this is one of the most cherished awards i cd ever receive....being awarded for making someone happy and that too someone as special as U....gosh i m grinning :D......and trust me i will do whatever i cd to keep u happy forever better keep smiling always :D
Love ya gal


OH man this SO touching!

can i give you the same award?You certainly made all of us happy!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Kajal
thnku, and take ur time.. :P

@ neeraj
hahaha, thnku thnku.. :) and u can use adjectives again.. ;)

@ Nabs
don't thank me..congratulate urself.. u deserved it.. and u knw y.. :)

and u have such a wunnerful soul, i am obliged :)

awwie honey.. welcome.. and kuch toh original karle nikkammmmmmmi! lol :P
believer awards nikal le.. haha

(: ♡♥CoNvErSe--SMiLeS™♥♡ :D said...

Dude, your post are so cute!!
Haha :)
Keep typing up sweethearty stuff.


mere emotions ke saath mat khel!:P

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Converse
:)) thnku :))

@ Mrinal
hahahaha, ROFL! lol! OMG!!

Anonymous said...

ooops.. main to bhool hi gayi thi.. sorrrrrryyyyyyy.. kaan pakadti hoon... :( abhi lagati hoon jaana.. :) hugs!

Miss Sunshine said...

okayy. I am hurt.
LOL! :D it's olriteeee....