Thursday, May 7, 2009

50 Things I Love..

So, Finally I have completed 50 posts, rather this is my 50th post. So, I am going to bore you, enlighten you with 50 things I like. :P

  1. Stamps.

  2. Dogs.

  3. Coloured Pens.

  4. Stuff Toys.

  5. Converse.

  6. Books.

  7. Food.

  8. Harry Potter.

  9. Twilight.

  10. Ribbons.

  11. Magnets.

  12. Beads.

  13. Bags.

  14. Craft.

  15. Smilies :P ;)

  16. Fevicol.

  17. Sequins.

  18. Clothes/Shopping.

  19. Stickers.

  20. Tic-Tac Clips.

  21. Blue (Colour).

  22. Music.

  23. My iPod.

  24. Doodling.

  25. Cycling.

  26. Playing.

  27. Chocolates.

  28. Trees.

  29. Orchids. (BLUE ones).

  30. Beaches.

  31. Balls.

  32. Balloons.

  33. Writing/Blogging.

  34. Scissors.

  35. Cellphone.

  36. Mud.

  37. Cakes/Pastries.

  38. Gol-Gappas.

  39. Irritating everyone.

  40. Friends (The Sitcom)

  41. Disney.

  42. Laughing.

  43. Pasta.

  44. Cartoon Network.

  45. Green Colour.

  46. Bitching.

  47. Basket-Ball.

  48. Wine.

  49. ILMB! *wink*

  50. My Crazy Readers.


IcE MaiDeN said...

i Luurrvvvee practically EVERYTHNG on dat list too!!! Damn!! we are lik twin sista's :P :D

Happy 50th!! (blows trumpet) yayyy (hugs) :)

lotsa luv,

P.S: Yayy me d first!! :)

neeraj_only said...

hmm.....appu sweety has reached 50 blog entries....moovarakan!!

u love mud..lolz.....u r invited for mud-fight with me :P

'friends' , purana ho gaya....kuch naya try kar....btw friends is soo 'american'....u can't hate many 'foreign' things on your fav list ..agreed?

Anonymous said...

wow! that was such a cute way of celebrating the 50... :) congratulations on the half century... :)

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Annie
yayieee! that's so cool! :D muaah!
kumbh ke mele ki behan mil gayi!
*hugs* :P


@ Neeraj
I don't hate America. Why should I? And I watch T.V. very rarely. Friends is timeless! there are new stuff, i watch disney too :P maybe there are. And it doesn't matter. Globalisation ;)
and I accept the mud fight invitation :P

@ Kajal
thnku :) xoxo!

IcE MaiDeN said...

FRIENDS is a classic!!! btw ryt now i m totally addicted to HIMYM.. seen dat? Barney rocks!!! :)

n chalo tum mai aur neeraj milke mud fight karte hai.. hehehe :P :D

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Annie
ya.. one of my best friend is addicted too.. he keeps talking sbout it day and nite.. i'l start watching :P :)

neeraj_only said...

hate US ka refenrence tha...lines in ur last post :

"Love the U.S.? Go stick your ass there, atleast the population will be less."

aise so many reasons to hate US :P

@annie : ur r wlcome to join mud-fight.....
HIMYM is good but my fav these days is "the Big bang theory" ...and "two and half men ".....appu!! try these u'll surely love them

яノςんム said...


i only dint understand the fevicol and scissors thing but i guess ths got to do with the craft :D

and if i made a list, it would be nearly the same and in the same sequence :D

congoss for the 50th!! way to go!!

fms1988 said...

WOw!Congrats for reaching ur 50th post & thnx...for lettin us know ur 50 fav things :) quiet a few of them are on my list of fav's aswell!



same pinch!!i love them ol...except i dont a i pod!!!:(

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Neeraj
that was for all those people who hate their own countries, in my case India, and keep comparing it to here and there, in most cases U.S. , and don't do anything to improve their nation. They will not vomit there, even if they're dying, but will keep spitting in their OWN country, their motherland. That pissed me off. I am not a Taliban or smthn! lol :P :) And, I admire U.S.'s grit and determination, they have NOTHING of their own, stilll they are the top-most country of the global economy.

hehe, I love scissors, it is so fun cutting everything up.. hehe :P :) I keep cutting paper and making something.. LOL :D
and fevicol se chipkati rehti hoon.. :P haha!

yayie! lol :D thnku thnku! and i am obliged!

@ Mrinal
hehe! thnku thnku *bows* lol
u love music na.. bahut hai.. and u have an virtual iPod.. hahaha :D