Monday, May 25, 2009

Lost Childhood

It's raining,
Pouring cats and dogs,
I am standing in the balconey,
Taking in the exotic smell of the damp earth.

Slowly yet suddenly,
A foolish grin spreads on my face,
As I remember the times,
When we used to play in the mucky rain,
(Which was then, divinely enchanting).

Football, rolling in the mud,
Pithoo, crazy fights,
Paper boats, sticks down the drains,
Where has it all vanished?

Remembering the hot pakoras,
Stuffed with onions and potatoes,
Gobbling and hogging the plentiful samosas,
It gnaws my insides,
Not to have fun like those times.

Oh! Childhood, where are you?
I ask this uncountable times to myself,
Even the rain seems mocking now,
Thundering and pouring heavily,
Mocking my inability.

I miss the rains,
I miss my friends,
It's all so frustrating and trashed.

Even as I turn to go back inside,
To my dull surroundings,
I see, as a sign of hope,
Two li'l kiddos,
running around and
splashing the cars with the filthy mud.

My smile returns,
cuz I know someday,
I might just get out of my cocoon,
and play like them.

P.S.: Not a fiction.



hmmm...that's bad...i STILL play...most long as i manage to get some time!it's SO fun...

but at times we cant...and i feel the same u do...nicely written...

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks.. and yea. i do the same..but woh feeling khatam ho gayi hai..

Anonymous said...

i loved this poem..i so want to write on the same topic..but i cant write more beautiful than this..

Miss Sunshine said...


WHOM are you kidding?? :O
You write so beautifully, that I feel like drowning myself in chullu bhar water!
and thank you! :P ;)

Princess Sonshu said...

Loved this was amazing..btw u were planning a book quiz? Im in! Mail me sometime...

Miss Sunshine said...

yea... I am..only if ppl want! :)
and thanks!

Brosreview said...

I could relate to this. I miss it as I recall many memories from the past affiliated with the rains.

Neatly expressed! I like the way you don't try too hard to make it sound quite poetic. You are just being yourself in your poems as well. Good on you!

Keep them coming!!!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Brosreview

Even if i try, i wont be able to. I learnt it from Satan's Darling. I cud never have written poems, if not for her. :)
I write what comes to me, isn't it all about this only?