Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Crazy Ordeal

That's my crazy ordeal with the oh-so-famous DTC buses of Delhi. (For the uninitiated, DTC buses are plied by the Delhi Transport Corporation, and have a very nice reputation of killing people, driving rashly, rapes, eve-teasing et al.)

I had been in those buses twice before, but once with my grandpa, when I was very young, and once with my friends. So, basically I did not notice or face any crap before. I am doing my intern so to reach there I usually take a chartered bus which is very comfortable, picks me from my home(well, almost) and drops me till my office. As usual, I waited for it to come yesterday. Little did I know that it wont be the case. As soon as I realised that the bus wasn't going to come, I flipped my phone out, called my dad and said, "DA-AD, bus nahi aa rahi!" My dad said, "So?, Take some other bus till XYZ road, then take another one till ABC, turn right, ......"

ME: OH NO!!!!!

So, I boarded one bus, did not get a seat, obviously, was pushed, pulled, swung like a pendulum from all sides! And not to forget the leching bastards, they stare as the dog stares at the hanging peice of meat at the butcher's shop. I asked the conductor thrice as to where I should get down to get the best possible bus for my final destination. He said, "Arre Madam, mere par vishwaas karneka, main utaar doonga apko!" And I got my clue to shut up and not to irritate him further in the scorching heat. After much swinging , bouncing, I was finally dropped at a bus stop, where, according to the bus conductor the best bus would arrive. NOT, was the case. Yes, my very charmed good luck! I then asked a few people here and there, and they pointed to a bus stop which was two crossings later. I groaned, heaved my 10 KG bag (it seemed so!) and started walking that bit, a little later I realised, that it was a bit far for walking, so I boarded another bus for that short distance. It again, dropped me on some other side, the wrong one obviously, and I had to walk to the bus stop. I finally got onto the "correct" bus, and miraculously found a seat! (Maybe my luck had gone for it's breakfast, and it forgot that it had to be ruthless.) The conductor was a nice guy, he told me exactly what to do once I get off, and it was pretty accurate too. SO finally after 2 hours of dhakka-mukki I reached my office. It should have ideally taken me 40 minutes, but it took me two hours, not to miss the draining heat of Delhi, the oh-so-heavy bag of mine, the twists and turns in my stomach, due to the recent bout of food poisoning, and the unknown terrorising buses! When I reached my office, I checked into the loo straight away, thankfully, because I looked like one of those labourers who work at the construction sites all day long!

*Hats off to them*

The Good part of the day:

As soon as I reported to my boss, he asked me how I commuted that day and all, and I told him about my crazy ride, and he therefore asked me to come only TWICE a week! *YAHOO* AND, that he would drop me, as he lives nearby ;)


The conversation:

Me: Sir, I had to change 3 buses and then take an auto to reach.

Sir: Aapko yeh sab karna padta agar aap ghar pe rehte?

Me: (Scared) umm..No sir.

He: Then just stay at home and come twice a week, and I'll drop you, silly girl. My wife also works here , so you can travel in her car. (The take two cars because of the working hours difference)

Me: (Want to do a whoopee dance) Thank you sir. (and leave)

P.S.: DTC buses did some good at last , haina?


mysterious gal said...

gosh u made me remember my worse DTC bus rides.....i still remember one of my worse bus rides which forced me to shift to chartered buses.....but i m glad it did some good to u.....i to have turned a lazy darling now ...preferring autos to buses :P ....but nice narration :)

Miss Sunshine said...

haha, i always prefer chartered, but nahi mile to kya karu? :(
haan, super lazy in d lazy heat. :|
and shukriya :D


this like FIRST time for you!
it happens with me EVERY freaking day!!
but i'v started enjoying it...i prefer public transfer these it becomes freakish if you dont know which bus to take,which metro,or whatever...there are 'thags' every where!

Miss Sunshine said...

wohi toh, i din knw which buses, warna thik rehta.. :)