Friday, May 15, 2009

You and I

You smile,

I laugh,

You pinch,

I shout,

You hug,

I blush,

You throw,

I catch,

You speak,

I hear,

You walk,

I run,

You smirk,

I giggle,

You fly,

I am your shadow.

You ate,

I saw,

You cried,

I comforted,

You hated,

I loved,

You cursed,

I shattered,

You disappeared,

I broke,

You walked,

I treaded the same worn out path.

You're going,

I'm crying,
You're shouting,

Not to me,

You're merry-making,

Not with me,

You're still smiling,

And I'm just trying.


fms1988 said...

Wow!!it touched me in some way i reall liked it :)

keep penning.

mysterious gal said...

This was just too cute man :)
i loved it :)

gargi said...

i loved it!!!
So sweet!!..


Miss Sunshine said...

:) aww, thnku.. :) mayb the picture touched ur's really cute..haina?

@ Nabs
:) shukriya *bows* ;)

hehe, thnkuuuuu :)

яノςんム said...

first part was mushy :)

and the later half was sad though beautiful :)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

two opposing themes in the same post? but they are related i know.. happens..

between.. it seems like its awarding time all over the blogsphere :)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

very cute and beautiful :)

lovely blog.

sawan said...

it started on such a happy note.. wished it end like tht too :(

Miss Sunshine said...

haan, that's true.. cudnt find more verbs na ;)

@ Shravan
yep, that's wat i wanted to bring out.. "that it happens all the time" :(
and thnku for reading :Dyea.. "award flu" haha!

heyy, thnku so much :)

@ Sawan
that's the irony of life.. :( :)

Brosreview said...

I have read infinite posts titled the same as this one. But, yours stands out among a few because of the "style" you've expressed it in. Two to three words in each line conveying the mood-set.

It is all right! Keep writing!!!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ B
thanks. It was really easy. and i liked the overall effect. hehe :)