Monday, May 11, 2009


P.S. :Dedicated to All the P.S. users, and their queen, Annie.

Wondering, why a P.S. even before the post started? I was just thinking, (After reading Annie's comment) how we have this very weird habit of after everything, even when we can just go back and edit stuff. Perhaps, P.S. was started because in the early times, there were no "backspace" in the letters our ancestors used to write. But, the question is why now?

I am a self confessed, I can go upto P.P.P.P.P.P.S and more. LOL! For me, writing a P.S. is something very special. (You are still not familiar with the weird me!? ) It has it's own aura, charm, even if you have explained everything in two hundred paragraphs above that. P.S. adds a different dimension to the whole document! It adds a personal touch, never mind if it's sarcasm loaded or has a caring touch. It keeps your mind in action, thinking, analysing, what did that P.S. mean!?? It has come a long way, since the time ,when it was just used for adding something you forgot..
I use P.S. when I am really mad at my boyfriend, and use it sarcastically.. e.g. "P.S. : Thanks for spending so much time with me today.", on those days when we haven't talked properly or something. When we weren't dating, but I wanted to drop hints, "P.S. : You looked cute today." It does the job, trust me. :P

Ahem, and, whenever you don't want the reader (in the case of your blog) to think that this particular post is about something, which it actually is, a P.S. is what you need to confirm his "guess" into "reality".
Whenever you want to write a hate-mail, (I never used it, somebody else did it on me.. ;) ) use something like this, P.S. : You still are the biggest bitch on the face of this earth or something, haha! It sure leaves the other person fuming, cuz, nobody actually reads the whole crap, they just skim through, and P.S. makes it all the more prominent!
and to prove THAT I am not blabbering about something crappy.. Ever noticed how the twist in the smashing hit novel Da Vinci Code was all because of a small P.S.!??
And the heart warming P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern!?? ;)

Intriguing, isn't it?



i love "P.S." too!!!!

remember those convos???
P.S. to P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S????


and i love being weird too!probably a wannabe weird!!hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I am a big PSer myself.. my write doesn't feel complete until I have put in something extra in the last bit.. :D interesting post Appu..

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Mrinal
I know.. u toh just talk in P.S.! sometimes i wondered, dude, where's the original stuff?
it's just filled with P.S. and all.. haha! haan, tu wannabe weird hai, u have a long way to go.. :P ;)

@ kajal
yea, it feels as if you have now summarised and it's now complete! haina??

IcE MaiDeN said...

lolz lolz lolz...
(bows down) yeah m d PS queen!! i jus realized dat ALL my posts hav a PS. Its sort of lik my signature style. heheheh :P :D

i LOVE putting PS's after every post, every convo. even in sms's. ask my frnds. i think a PS adds a extra dash to everythng no:)

Lotsa Luv,
P.S: btw, nice post. :)

neeraj_only said... entry on "PS"

i knew p.s before coming to blog world , but never used the same. Now, i use this even without thinking if this is necessary.

In most cases looks cool to attach p.s :d

P.S : accha post topic...irony this should had been main text


i feel insulted!

its original!!!
'm an ORIGINAL weirdo!!:-((

Yahoo Heroes said...
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mysterious gal said...

wow i love this post and P.S. and all thru i was thinking dare appu not mention P.S. i love you and yaays she did
well thanks to blogsville i m a PSier too :P otherwise too i was one after all in busy world of today ppl skim and P.S. does the trick and i use it often :P and ya obviously they r best and so is ur post :D

P.S. i love you muaaahz :D
P.P.S i was the deleted post as mistakely i used my frnd's id :P

Anonymous said...

LOL... Good one :)

P.S. I love using P.S. too :D

Anonymous said...

P.S, I really hate that P.S I Love You movie but yes I use P.S a lot too. It makes it easier to just put random thoughts in without bothering. :)

яノςんム said...

hehe.. PS is a great invention i guess. I use PS in my most sarcastic posts, when i writer something that cud be interpreted sumthn different and in the PS in write Wat it actually meant to be :D

P.S. hilarious post!! :P

Anonymous said...

i lovee PS !!!! n PPs n PPPs n PPPPS ...

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Nabs
haha, that's alrite nabs, and HOW could i forget that book? I ahvnt seen the movie :| :( it's too saddening! I am a born P.s.ier! ;)
and i love you toooooooo!

@ Kido
hey, me a kid too! lol!
for being a kid and using P.S. lol!

@ Crowscious
haha, everyone's own likings! and everyone loves P.S. but.. u summarised it damn well!

@ Richa
hahaha, so smart and witty.. :P

P.S. thnx ;)

@ Pratsie
lol, i love them toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ;)

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Queen , annie
lol :P ;)
I am so damn infected by P.S.! i use ti everywhere too.. :P

@ neeraj
aaj kal toh P.S. is used unnecessarily hi.. :P lol! and yes, what an irony.. ;P

@ mrinal
achhaaaaa! rakhle.. original weirdo.. but i was the originalest.. lol.. i knw it ain't a word.. but well.. i just invented it.. haha!