Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sweet Revenge

*Pin Drop Silence*
*The clock chimes 12 in the night*

He: (thinks) Enough is enough! I can't stand it anymore. In fact, I shouldn't stand it anymore. I am a man after all, I shouldn't let go of my dignity!

*Gets up from the his bed, pulls out the knife, from it's hiding place, underneath the bed.*
*Looks at his girlfriend, sleeping on the left side of the same bed, with pure distaste*

He: What does she think of herself? Can't I have what I want? IT IS MY HOUSE. She will have to pay the price.

*His girlfriend is now murmuring something, asking him to be quiet and sleep*

He: (Laughs) *Devilish* After all, even Eve, the only woman at that time had to pay the price of her fault.

He: (to his girlfriend, even though she is not listening) You just wait and watch, Miss Granger, what I do now.

*Walks to the fridge, takes out the only Kashmiri apple left, his girlfriend's favourite fruit, slices it, eats with with unparallel joy, and leaves the seeds on the worktop for his girlfriend to see, in the morning.*

He: Ahh, the sweet taste of revenge!


PULKIT said...

something within me.. clinched that end would be this way!
a good effort though... :)
tc god bls
keep writing!

Miss Sunshine said...

hehe, am i so predictable?
thank you :) god bless you too :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

nice effort.. it made me laugh at d end. :P :D lolz.

Keep thm coming,
lotsa luv,
Annie. :P

Miss Sunshine said...

thankuuuuu annie :D


oh boy!!
that was funny!!
though cute-evil!!lol
such a thing exists!!

Miss Sunshine said...

lol, haha, ya, well defined, cute-evil :P