Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sun-Ray Awards!

Well, I was waiting for a 14th to come to start this! (14th - it's a special date.) So here it is..with a bang!

I am going to award my fellow bloggers, for their happy posts, in the past month, (it will run from 14th - 14th , every month) . The number wont be fixed, cuz happiness isn't counted, the more the merrier!

P.S. I am doing this to encourage happiness, in our cranky lives!

So, Happy Sun-Ray awards! and Keep Waiting, until tomorrow!



IcE MaiDeN said...

heyyy... dis sounds lik a really cute idea. who got d award dis time? :P

chalo in d lalach of award ill write happy stuff.. hehehe :P

Lotsa luv,

Anonymous said...

nice of u :) read n loved ur poem on lounge !! keep writing :)

Princess Sonshu said...

Good idea! amazing..awating to see!

neeraj_only said...

waw!! appu getting generous.....kya hai ye award dekha jae......

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Annie
haha, thnk GOD! that u will write happy stuff now.. haha
:P ;)

@ pratsie
thnkuuuuuuuu :)

@ Sonshu
:) wait wand watch.. haha!

@ Neeraj
oh sure.. they'll make u happy.. :P