Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am so nervous! : My internship is going to start, and I really don't know what to do, what to say, what NOT to say, what to wear, LOL! I am so scared, I don't know why. I am scared if they will just kick me out, or be full of praises. I am scared if I should go to the loo or not, or if I should pick up phone calls. I am scared as to whether I can take a leave, go out early, ask them to give me my work for home work or not. WHY IS ALL this so scary!?? AHHHHHH!!!!! LOL :P
I hope I pull it off nicely the first day, cuz if the start's good, I'll be fine :P

All you been-there-done-that, gimme tips, okay? Thank YOU! :)


Anonymous said...

looks like you were talking to me in this entire post,....

only one tip -- be at your best behaviour.. and its a human place so loo is ok...:P not sure about homework though...

big hug to you!! :D you'll be fine.. :) you are a big girl now Appu...make the best use of this time... :)

Anonymous said...

and I am just a click away if you need me for anything.. :D

IcE MaiDeN said...

heyy appu!! jus relax ull be fine!! :)

wear clothes tht are subtle and elegant. flashy is a big no-no.
dont wear showy jewellery.
wear comfortable n yet formal shoes.
smile at ppl. d best ice breaker.
Dont chat too much with people d first day atleast, cz u dont knw who is hw much of a angel or hw much of a devil.
Pay attention to evry minute detail of ur work. No slacking!!. :P
u can goto d loo!! its nt lik ull be runnin there every 2min. lolz. :P
preferably dont chat on d phone while at d place.. bt honestly, ull knw wht to do once u go there, d work culture of a place helps us fit in more easily thn random suggestions. :)

U'll be great!! dont worry!! :)

Now breathe. N smile.

Lotsa Luv,
Annie. :)

neeraj_only said...

appu!! i know so many bahiyas , didis, and many frnds who are part of the industry.......

just keep in mind person in-front of you is also human. They will be happy to see u making mistakes.....because they will get chance to show off their position and knowledge :P

nw fav dialog : why so seriousss!!!


miss professional!!
when is u starting???...m no use here(well m no use anyway)...but i noe u'll pull it off ahmazingly!!
all the best!!

all my wishes with you!!!
i'll pray for you...i dont hv nething else to do..:P

яノςんム said...

seconding Annie, i wud say be yourself :)

all the best!!

gargi said...

girl... just be yourself.. do take the calls..they expect u to be able to talk to people freely.. and talk to people around u.... ask whatever u dont understand!... you're there to learn...

all the best! :)

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Kajal
heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy! lol thnkuu! I was really tensed, and reading all of this made me laugh and relax :P :)
and yes, I will try to make use of every minute there :D ans, even if you don't want me to, i'l keep pestering you if i need something.. haha!

@ Annie
WOW! u really knew what i wanted to know! :O
Soul-reader?? :P and nice picture, ;) I followed all of them, thnx to you. :) :)

@ neeraj
yea, pretty important thing you've said.. act dumb.. lol :P :)
and who's so serious!? ;)

@ Mrinal
It was my first day today. :P
and u r of use, making me laugh is your work ;)

@ Richa
thnku so much :))

@ Gargi
haaan, maine bindaas phone pe baat kara.. haha :P :)
lol, i had pretty less stuff to do.. :D that's y..

neeraj_only said...
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Princess Sonshu said...

Im still in school so no tips! But my wishes are with u! all the best dearie!