My name is Apurva Desai and welcome to Crazy Beginnings!! CB is a place where I record all the quirky things happening in my life. I get bored of things easily and hence try new things all the time. Don't be surprised if you find a nerdy Harry Potter post right next to a "OMG! I love this red lipstick" one. I talk about animals, politics, food, humans and rant on days when nothing seems right. It wont be wrong to say that poetry and fiction makes up a good part of my blog. CB is as refreshing and crazy as it gets! I promise you, that I solely abide by the nature's law of "Change is the only constant".

I'm 22 24 years old, female and an Indian residing in the United States and struggling to get into graduate school. a fresh unemployed graduate!

If you want to hear my thoughts on something specific, drop me an email: apurvadesai01@gmail.com

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