Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere..

I had to order a bunch of flowers for someone today, and boy it's such a tedious task! There are so many of them to choose from, and they are all so beautiful in their own way, that it makes me pull out my hair. I was transported back to 5th grade, when I first 'discovered' the local florist, and used to pass by his little make shift shop and admire those beautiful things almost everyday..

Lilies and tulips weren't so commonplace as they are nowadays, and the 'exotic' flowers used to be Orchids. *My favourite* Those bell shaped beauties always manage to take my breath away.

Searching through my memory database, the moment you search for blooms, my school pops up like a synonym. Out of the million amazing things about my school, one of them was our well manicured lawn. The school used to bag atleast half a dozen prizes in the annual flower show held in the city. You name it, and the gardener had it in his prized workplace. Dahlias, dogflowers, chrysanthemums,  roses, daisies and god alone knows the name of all the other varieties. One could totally relive what Wordsworth must have felt when he penned down his ever famous 'Daffodils'.

My favourite verse:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.'

 As much as I love flowers, I am yet to find someone who fulfills this crazy need of mine. Someone who presents me these little joys. I am so besotted, that every 'happy' dream of mine somehow manages to squeeze in these little blossoms somewhere. Although, I would credit that one man in every girl's life, who always treats her like a princess. In his own clumsy ways. :D

I used to always receive a bunch of orchids on my birthday, sharp 6:30 in the morning, from my dad. He never remembered the name, so he used to just point them out to the florist and get them delivered the next day. Simple sweet gestures. One of my favourite parts of the big day. :)

My entire life is interconnected with flowers it seems.. I had this crazy hobby. I used to save every flower that I received, (or gave out to my parents ;) ) and use them in cards or just keep them for memories sake. So much so, that for an entire year, I made cards for everyone I knew with those flowers and still had a good box full of them left. I used to have wildflowers (don't they have a different appeal to them?), leaves, buds, exotic ones, even a lily or two, and of course a section full of blue orchids. Those, I never gave out. I made bookmarks, cards, coasters, little stationery notes, god alone knows what all with those little darlings.

LOOK AT THIS. I want to run through this like a carefree five year old, who feels it's the right thing to do and that she wouldn't be spoiling or hurting anything by doing so.

I am not a big fan of getting married, (pretty much commitment phobic and a big pessimist) but I always dream of doing the flower decor myself. *wide grin* 
It changes everyday, but always is something superbly awesome than the last one. I dream of a loose-wildflowers-themed decor, or an elegant updo with lilies, or an outdoorsy feel with creepers. I think I'll unleash all these when my sister gets married. I'll anyway be in charge, wont be the unfortunate bride, and OOOH. Flowers.

Oh, and ofcourse. One day I want to have my own little garden which I can be proud of. I will tend to each little seedling as if it were my own offspring. A beautiful place to sit, read, chat up or just gaze at the stars and the butterflies.. :)

P.S. I hate roses. Especially red ones. So cliche and BLAH. :/