Tuesday, June 30, 2009

96. Holidays

Holidays are fun,
Just rest and sit in the sun.
All the time play with your friends,
And think, the time never ends.
Tighten your shoe-laces,
Because you're going to travel many places.
From museums to hill stations,
And from temples to different nations.

You are going to meet people, who are unlike,
Some drive a car and others ride a bike.
Some are soft and sweet.
While the others are people whom you wouldn’t like to meet.

This is the fun of holidays,
That gives you experiences in many ways.
So now be ready to go to school,
And get entangled between the teacher’s rule!


Congratulations Sis! :D Happy 100 Posts! I wrote this poem specially for you. :)
Hope you like it.
Congrats!! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be

This Guest Post is By Neeraj.
Who Because of his *not-so-supprtive-network* cannot accept my add request to Crazy Beginnings! :(
Nonetheless, I am posting it for him, to me, from him.
Get it? :P

Protagonists: she = her

Pre script : This is based on true story and 'we' are still
"friends".....here goes the story.
The clock turns back by 30 months; yes, many things have happened
in those last 30 months. January of year 2007 AD it was. Long time, it may
seem but as the event is so pleasant , it seems it happened only
yesterday. I remember first sight of her , my heart was pounding hard
like the perpetual motion of piston of steam engine. I remember first
sight of her . She was looking gorgeous and she carried herself with
unmatched élan and charisma .That day I was with two of my friends ,
she was in the shop I had gone to ( some other information about her
are being hidden for obvious reasons ). My friends did help me in
getting ready for first date with her. It is not as if this happened
by chance , it happened out of proper planning. The plan which
finally got success was prepared in the month of December 2007 AD (
college winter vacation / semester break).

So it was , 15th January 2007 , midnight , she and me in one/my room.
My friends had left after introducing themselves with her. They showed
their smartness in-front of her. She had most attributes like most
others of the same species . Wait, actual renaissance was yet to
happen. I modified her according to my needs. Oops! , treated her like
'object' , sorry for that but we had agreed to change each other
according to our needs . Only one thing mattered , she was my very
own and I loved her. I was excited but too scared to explore her
physical assets . I knew exterior looks simple , interior is complex
like anything , that's why the title of the story has been chosen "To
be or not to be ".

Back to talk about her , she was making humming sound ,I knew it was
natural. Her smell was simply intoxicating, so was her look. Any
normal boy of new generation can die to spend time with her and I was
no different. She did simply love my foolishness and was always there
to point my mistakes. Many of my actions meant nothing to her and I
loved being caught at mistake by her. it was not roller coaster ride
I had my own anxious moments , she was not fully available for me ,
she did ask for privacy and "time-space" to do many things what I
wanted to do with her.

Initial days were as confusing/learning curve .Dates became everyday
routine . I was learning new lessons i.e how to keep me/her happy. It
felt heavens when I was near her , I loved her "sphere of influence ".
when my nights turned into late nights and late nights into early
mornings ....I never knew. I really felt bad whenever she got unwell
or it seemed to me "she is unwell". Once she had stopped talking due
to unknown reasons . I had to call my "doctor friend" . Later on , I
was always available to treat her minor problems and she loved me
treating her. It was my privilege to be able to help her.

She is my best teacher till now in my life. Life surely changed for me
after knowing her . I spent countless hours weeping with her, studying
with her , singing with her , sitting silent with her, simply lying
and doing nothing with her, smiling with her , laughing with her , not
to forget shouting with her. Yes , I was addicted to her , it was
like eat-drink-sleep with her.

Time is dirty bitch, we have to part ways due to unavoidable
circumstances. If I have to make reasons for that , may be she is too
outdated for me. May be I am not meant for her 'anymore'. May be I am
fed up of being her arm-candy. I am not sure of any of the reasons but
again my favourite line , "sometimes life has to go like this ". Why
do all good things come to an end , this mystery will always be there
. Life has to go on , I’ll meet her once in a while and her well
being will be my priority. We shall remain friends-for-ever.

The she = her = "my computer”.

Yes, read again the previous line . Now my
computer belongs to my sister (officially :P , I am just ex-owner of
the same ) . I can't carry her anymore , it's a desktop : too clumsy
to carry and I know I will have to do a lot of traveling in different
parts of India in coming months/years :)

Friends, now go at the top and enjoy this sweet story again with no
mystery involved.

Through this I want to salute the complexity involved with all
gals/women ( my computer ). Even they are not sure what they want ,
hence this makes things really interesting ( all gals I know say this
:P , sample space is small hence facts can be misleading......) . It's
upto to the surrounding to try to decode them and "fail" in the
process of doing same. For now the complexity is omnipresent and is
omnipotent for sure , one can only respect this complexity and just
hope for the best ( again , nothing official about it ).

The title has been taken from Appu's blog , in March she wrote one blog
entry with similar name......I am not sure but I think from this blog
entry I had started reading her works...and rest as they say is history :)

Congratulations to Appu for nearing 100 blog entries. May you achieve
all good things what you want in life , that is my wish . One more
thing my addiction to blog world had seeds in your blog. I knew
Ashrita , Kajal , Ms. R. from your blog . Days / nights won’t be same ,
I won't be hopping on blogger like I did in the months of
March-April-May ( even then I knew this , that's why I was pampering
everyone then ), but memories will always be there.....you may be
knowing I call this "sounds from memory lanes ".

Again hi5's and cheers ...carry on Appu!

Miss Sunshine's Take: To Be or Not to Be

Another Tiny ray

The cross response of the same thought as expressed by Our dearest Apurva In her mid April post ... JUST THE TINY RAY

I smile back,
and Ponder on everything you asked
Deep within the shadows of my soul
breaking the mirrors of my so called pure heart
Re gasping what You asked again
Yes now I can see the tiny ray
which is still struggling to shine
replying hard to the pressure of Hatred & negative thoughts
I now get the answer to my question
The tiny ray of hope makes the world go
Your preachings as always for me are

Continuing the message from Apurva “to never choose Fear Over hope. Coz once you let fear over power, Never can you win against it. Let the tiny ray spread its wings and grow, Like the rainbow and provide hope to all those who need it, In different form and colours”. A BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT BY A BEAUTIFUL PERSON INDEED! :) tc god bless!

Months ago thou sowed a flower
nside a barren land
Sun's anger and heat torture
Stormy rains of blistering sand

Some how though It survived
Unfolded and blossomed
Nothing in its way could work to
Stop its petals get uncombed
Hidden deep within her
Incredible talent and skill
Nurtured with love and
Explicit beauty of her will.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

The ABC Meme

A – An advantage you have – I am Crazy :P
B – Blue or brown eyes –Brown ;)
C – Chore you hate – Dusting, where's there's no dust (as in only a millimetre of dust will there, but you know MOMS!)
D – Dad’s name – Papa
E – Essential start of your day – Going to the Loo :P
F – Favorite color – Green/Blue
G – Greatest thing you’ve ever done that made you feel really good – Whenever I manage to make anyone smile!
H – Habit you have – Cracking jokes on every topic on this planet.
I – Issue you hate that the world tries to make you pursue – Blogging. Hahaha! on a serious note.. Studying.. LOL :P
J – Job title – Trainee/Student
K – Kohls or Target – Kohls
L – Living arrangements – I have a bed, and I can watch the T.V. and use the computer as well, and Eat..what more can I want? :D
M – Music you like – I'd only name Micheal Jackson. *RIP*
N - Nicknames – Miss Sunshine, Crazy Freak, Idiot, Moron, Stupid, Silly, .....*out of breath*
O – Overnight hospital stay – What? Yes I have done that..hasn't everyone? I mean, when you were born? ;)
P – Pet Peeve – To have a pet. *Yes, I am lame*
Q – Quote that you like most – "Age is foolish when it underestimates the youth." - Albus Dumbledore.
R – Right or left handed –Right, On the keyboard - Both
S – Siblings –Yes
T – Time you wake up – Depends, but not later than 8 A.M.
U – Underwear – Yes I own quite a few.
V – Vegetable you dislike – None, actually, but if you persist, I say Spinach.
W – What makes you run late – My Stuff, which I remember to keep ONLY in the mornings!
X – X-rays you’ve had – 3-4 times
Y – Yummy food you make – MAGGGGGGI! :P
Z – Zoo animal – Yes, I am.


Guest post:
Since I've left my negative ways
And count my many blessings.
It never felt easier to live my life,
I've certainly learnt some lessons.
I've learnt to be more positive
And wear a smile on my face.
Smiling and laughter are contagious,
Throughout the human race.
It never felt easier to be more tolerate
To people who have annoyed me in the past.
I have found an inner peace,
Which I know will last.
I have the love and respect ofmy family
With a love so loyal and true.
It never felt easier to write poetry,
Especially when it's written for you.
Copyright Yvonne Lewis. 2009:

Miss Sunshine's Take : It Never Felt Easier

The Sun Shine Remains Forever

first things first.. apurva or appu as every one calls, congrats for this achievement. may you go on writing and entertaining all the folks around
secondly, i have no words to express what i feel in doing this guest post for you, its the first GP i am doing.. and sadly, i dont have a big deal of a guest post for you dear.
here is that, what i can do for you..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Au Revoir...

The sunlight lights up my face in stripes, piercing through the window blinds. I wake up, get fresh, and stroll across the patio... What a beautiful day! Sun shining bright, the crisp & cool breeze, birds chirping, planes making contrails in the sky, children going to school, people driving to work. I love this sight. I just enjoy watching life going on around me, while I stand still and play the role of a silent spectator.

'This is it'.

The sky looks just beautiful. Hmm, shades of pink, blue, peach, yellow,white... Ah... I see no puffy clouds, just a whitish sheet looking like sand, with ripples on it. 'Alto Stratus', I say to myself. 'The winds are calm, the atmosphere looks stable'.

There is a plane in the sky. A very familiar sight. Not the airliner, but a small Cessna. I follow it as long as my eyesight can permit, then it vanishes. But it leaves me nostalgic.

I came here 3 years ago, with zero experience, a hundred questions, a thousand expectations, a million confusions, and an unlimited supply of excitement and happiness. It was difficult, rude and cruel, but I loved every second of it. It taught me how to try until one succeeds.It taught me how to fly, literally.

I am in the kitchen now. I open the fridge. It's almost empty. All that's left is devouring the last bits of eggs, bread, butter, cheese and the likes.

This fridge used to be loaded all the time. Frozen food, fresh food, ice creams, chocolates, what not. This kitchen is where I cooked breakfast for us, every morning [almost. Otherwise we would rush out having muffins :P].

"3 sunny side up's with whole wheat toast, no butter please!" He said.

"Oh you're up! Good Morning baby" I smiled. He was kind enough to help me out with cooking.

"I will miss all this. And more. The dinner every night, the endless coffee sessions, the fighting in the kitchen, and then making up too... You know it's gonna be difficult for me, don't you?"

"I know baby, but life goes on.." He added as we walked towards our room with our breakfast. "..Every journey we start has to come to an end. And besides, it's not like we are seperating forever. I am still gonna be with you."

"Yeah but things won't be the same when we return. My parents will be after my life the whole time! I will not be able to live with you, I will not be able to to all this. The fairytale is coming to an end!"

"Maybe India will hold some new challenges for us to be together. I am tired of having you so easily anyway!" He laughed. They were in the bedroom now "The fairytale has not ended, it's just gonna get new twists like the Indian movies.."

"Oh yeah, I know, you devil!" I threw a pillow at him. He threw it back at me. In no time we were pillow fighting. We were so engrossed and dedicated towards the fight, we suddenly tripped over something and fell on the floor. It was a stack of packed bags.

"I'm gonna miss this place too" He said, and we hugged.

I discovered myself here. I discovered love. I met new people, I learned how to judge and make the choice between right and wrong. I prioritized my priorities. And the most important thing is that I learned how to be independent, responsible and vocal.

As we are headed back towards India, I want to thank you for everything, right from making me love my country, to making me love myself. This is not the end, I will be back.

But for now,

Au Revoir, Canada!


I know Miss Sunshine for quite a while now. Before either of us began blogging :P And more than anything else, she is a wonderful person, outspoken, talented, honest, and a very good human being who wants to make a difference to this world. She is like my blogger baby :D

Love you sweetheart, and many congratulations for your 100th post. I have literally seen you grow from your first post up till now. I love your blog, and here's wishing you a 100 posts more, and then a 100 more.. and so on!


Miss Sunshine's take : Au Revoir..

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Pop Will Go On..

But the legend will never be back..

I was never a big fan of Micheal Jackson, and after reading his child molestation cases and all, the ounce of affection had reduced further. So why am I writing this post? That's what you want to ask?

It's crazy. I have always loved his songs, the ones I've heard as in. The most beautiful one is for me, "We Are The World". It must have been one of the first english songs I knew, and loved. I still am amazed by his deep thinking , will and the sheer magnitude of that song..

I was never a die-hard fan.
But, since yesterday, I guess it's changed. Maybe I am the most new-est fan, maybe (as you must be thinking) I am a moron to see his talent now, but whatever. Cheers to him, to his magnificience voice, and the culture he created.

You're not gone, Micheal, as I want to put it. It's just started for me...

P.S.: Thanks, The Blessed One, for introducing me to the phenomenon called Micheal Jackson.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moans and Groans - Nearing My 100 Posts!

Hello All You Lovely Readers,

Firstly, thanks for sticking with me for more than 6 months, and I hope you will continue to get bored , and keep returning to my blog, till, I whip out something really nice. Till then, please keep returning. Haha!

So, as you all have ALREADY understood, I am going to ask you for something, like always. I am nearing my 100th post, and I always wanted it to be special. I had this idea of guest posts since the time I wrote my 10th post (Hey, That's a landmark too!) , so what if everyone's doing so, I am not deterring from my wish. Should I? I guess not. I hope you will agree.

I would like to add a twist for poets/poetesses/prose - writers, Each one
of you have to take the heading of one of MY works and whip out something really
different from what I wrote. It can be same too, but, in a different way. You
get me, I know. ;)

So guys, moan and groan, because it's time for another set of guest posts, this time for me. :P

So the unlucky people are: (Crazy Sadist I am, I know.)

  1. The Blessed One.
  2. Anushka Desai

  3. Ashrita Di

  4. Archie Di (If she's still here)

  5. Nabila

  6. Ms. R.

  7. Common Man

  8. Brosreview

  9. FMS1988

  10. Smita

  11. Roshwrites

  12. Rose

  13. Shravan

  14. Neeraj

  15. Stephen

  16. Anshul

  17. Princess Caspian

  18. Princess Nuchu

  19. Princess Sonshu

  20. Riddhika Jain

  21. Choco - (I know you're new here, but something tells me, you're here to stay :D )

  22. Hopeless Romantic
  23. The Vitruvian Boy

  24. Pretty Me!!

  25. Annie

  26. Dreamer

  27. BlossomBlue

  28. Pulkit

  29. Gargi
  30. Daydreamer
  31. Yvonne

  32. Ms Cynical - Anu
  33. The Pink Orchid

P.S. : You are free to write something else, as in not accept the twist! No issues!

P.P.S: Everyone accepting the offer, please, PLEASE leave your e-mail IDs in the comments section or the shoutbox :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Cloud Nine

Oppressed, rejected and left out,
Nine out of ten, killed.
Could the wars be more ruthless?
Love, shattered into a million peices,
Orphaned, uncountable souls,
Undermining the value of joy,
Death, desperation, dignity - The world has lost it's all.
Neither hatred, Nor insecurity,
Is ever going to bring the laughter back,
Nursed I, a tiny wish forever,
Everyone be on cloud nine, together.

Prompted at Acrostics Only

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Super Sunday Stealing Meme

1) What was your dream growing up?
A. To own a BIIIIIIIIG bookshop, where only I was allowed access.
2) What talent do you wish you had?
A. Saying No to people.
3) If I bought you a drink what would it be?
A. Lemonade
4) What was the last book you read?
A. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
5) Worst Habit?
A. Whose? Mine? *I am perfect* :P
6) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?
A. Who are you? A cute labrador? Then yes!
7) What is your favorite sport?
A. Sleeping. Does it count? :P
8) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?
A. Act as if I am alone. Keep shouting for help, if you stink.
9) Worst thing to ever happen to you?
A. Being so vella, that I am willing to fill out useless memes.
10) Tell me one weird fact about you.
A. Why? Who are you anyways?
11) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?
A. Slam the door on your face maybe! Or, if you're the cute labrador I mentioned above, I'll take you in!
12) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
A. Can I say gender?
13) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?
A. Crime Partner. :D
14) Ever been arrested?
A. Yeah. Infact I am using the Jail Wi-Fi right now.
15) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
A. Spend some, and save the rest!
16) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
A. Read.
17) Biggest pet peeve?
A. Irritating people.
18) In one word, how would you describe yourself?
A. Apurva - It means unique. :)
19) Do you believe in/appreciate romance?
A. Yep :D *Twilight* :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Broken Verses

Between the moments of despair,
Reddening my conscience,
Opens the crowded bloom.
Knowingly or unknowingly,
Each and every breath,
Negotiates with my thoughts.

Versatile, I thought they were,
Emotion churning magnetisms,
Roaring and burning my thoughts,
Savouring every ounce of tear.
Epitome of sadness, the prose of my life would disappear,
So many misgivings, the broken verses would surrender.

P.S.: I saw the name "Broken Verses" on a bookcover. I don't even remember the author, but it just stuck, and instantly I knew it was to be spinned into an acrostic :)
Hope it makes sense.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What A Pleasant Surprise! Thanks Rosh :)

I was fed up of working, when suddenly a chat window pops out of nowhere, and it's Roshni's window, so a little smile starts playing on my lips.. Here's the chat:

Rosh: hey miss sunshine.. at last.. sorry let me introduce myself first..
me: heyy rosh :D
this is roshwrites haina?
Rosh: this is actually roshnis mum..oops sorry.. rosh writes is my daughter
me: ohh..no problems :)
Rosh: she is so full of praises for u..
me: she's wunderful :) is she? I love what she writes :) happy poems
Rosh: thanks.. uve been so good with her
me: she;s like my li'l sis :)
Rosh: she is a kid.. just learning..and with ur comments..gives her more confidence..
me: I am so obliged to help :)
Rosh: sorry is it apurva..ur name..ill have to sign off now..but was waiting for u to come online sometime..
me: thanks so much :) yes my name is Apurva
Rosh: hope to chat with u more..in time.. its just im at work and its teabreak now..
me: ohkay :)
Rosh: pretty name..just like u..
me: hope to catchya sometime :) thanks
Rosh: sure ..will wait for u.. want to know u..more.. take care.. have a good day..
me: thank you u too

I was so happy, I was over the moon when I read it. I mean, Rosh gave me so much importance :)
She's such a brilliant writer herself :)

You Are My Sunshine

Yesterday, in my dreams,
Openly lit, the vast fields were,
Unendingly the blue skies streched.

Appalled, I was becoming numb, cuz,
Rusting, the scene looked decayed,
Everything seemed in place, still something was missing.

Mist and shadows lurked shamelessly,
You could even see the gloom hanging around.

Something was missing,
Understood what it was
Now, It struck me, so
Surprisingly, I couldn't take my eyes off.
How could I miss,
In a million years?
Newly lit the fields seemed,
Eased, I was relieved, cuz you were back, my sunshine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Canvas Painting

I simply had to share this picture. It is so beautiful! I mean, I am not an art connoisseur, and more so , I never liked oil paintings! Voila, this one changed my mind! Ain't it classy? The blueness blends in so beautifully with the fiery orange of the trees. The couple looks so magnificient in the surroundings..


Loved it! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Status Symbol, Isn't It?

The film industry has done it again! This time it’s Shiney Ahuja leading the race with the baton. With a wife and an one and a half year old child, he has left no tables unturned. I hope we all know what I am talking about. The gory act of raping his 19 year old maidservant will not tarnish his conscience, but surely will, to his image, or fan following, to name a few. The society has a clean cut image of the rapist: Rugged, mean looking, scares-the-hell-out-of-everybody accent, checking out anything in a skirt. Don’t we?
But what about these kinds? Who hide behind the façade of “Do-Gooders”? Exploiting struggling actresses, maids, low-waged employees, is seemingly becoming a norm. Madhur Bhandarkar, Shakti Kapoor, why aren’t they convicted? Moolah is the answer. They do unfathomable acts, bribe the corrupt police officials, and well, they are free. Free to commit unimaginable crimes, yet again.
What angers me the most is how easily the actor is saying that, “it was just consensual sex.” Don’t you have any obligations towards your wife, then? Even if it was? I cannot for one minute believe that the maid had given her consent, to rape her. Is this what you will teach your child?
Where is your social responsibility? With fame, comes some responsibility. You cannot just let go and say, “It’s my life, I’ll do whatever I want.” If you were a nobody, you can, but not when thousands of people consider you as their idol.
You should die of guilt, I swear.
Rape is the heinous crime. Most heinous. Filthy , exploitative swine you rapists are, nothing else. There’s no use letting you know, as to how it would feel, if the poor victim were your own mother/sister/daughter. You couldn’t care less, that’s why. You’d rape your own family.

P.S.: I am really angry. Really. Where's the society heading towards? It seems there is no place left for the female gender to be safe at.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It Never Felt Easier..

I’ve done this uncountable times, you know that. It’s not even refreshingly nice now, isn’t it?
I know you’ll say no..cuz this time it’s different. We both know why.

I never ever had known the meaning of love, for the past two years. Really. Yes, I loved you, but the full blown impact was never known. Everyone defines love, it’s attraction, care, warmth combined, so I also thought, well I am in love. I am in love because I feel the same when I am with you. I used to wonder in the past two years (sans the past two days), do we really “love” each other? Or is it a mere , super strong attraction? Which will fade out? In a while, maybe 4-5 years, but will it? I never really could understand what the word meant. Love. Isn’t it too complicated? I wanted it to stay, I wanted to be with you forever. I wanted to dream about growling old with you. I wanted to sing hopelessly romantic songs for you. But, something nagged me. Something deflated my happiness’ air balloon. Just a pin prick. But it did. For the past two years. Not that I did not feel loved, or that I did not feel attracted to you. I was scared. I was scared of all this vanishing. I was scared if this was true love or not. I did not wanna lose you after all this!

We were never the usual couple, as in the ones in our age group, were we? We never did public display of affections, no over-the-top show of the surge of love, nothing. No dates. (if you don’t count the gol-gappe waala dates ;) ) No show of money. We were just plain, stupid people. We never changed partners every six months, did we? See. I know people, friends admired us for our strong bond. But there were jealous people too. How, we never swayed, until, well a bit ago?
How we were unfazed, as to how , what will someone think about us? We couldn’t care, when we were together. Could we? I was yours, you were mine. It was a picture perfect tale, as the others said.

But, we had our shares of problems, din’t we? It was so much, that I couldn’t handle it. I broke it all off, did I not? I thought it was all over. I thought we were done. I thought, we were also like those innumerable ones who couldn’t stay. I thought I was back to being a part of the dull, grey universe I was a part of, until I met you.
You thought that too. And Why not? You’re human too. You thought maybe I hated you from the core of my heart. You shattered.

What you did not do is, leave hope. You clutched it tighter than your soul. What you did in the past two days, twirled my world. Completely. Your dedication, the magnet of affection, the unsurpassable thankfulness for every “I love you” I said, I could feel it. Too. I could feel it all coming to me, to us, like a crash of tsunami. Then I knew. I knew it. I knew it was love. The answer I was waiting for, had finally come walking to me. It all felt so easy that time. Did it not? You told me, you feel different too, why not? We had attained something unbeatable. I love you. I knew it. There, that moment, you said you could do anything for me, I knew. I knew I could lay down my life for you, unflinchingly. I knew nobody could understand, what we felt. What I felt, at that time.

It’s easy to say we’re in love. But at that moment, it never felt easier.

Truly Madly Deeply

That's the beautiful song by Savage Garden, most beautiful, I would like to add.
I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong
I will be faithful
'cause I'm counting on
A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning, yeah
I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me
And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish send it to heaven
Then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the pleasure and the certainty
That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of
The highest powers
In lonely hours
The tears devour you
Oh can you see it baby?
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cause it's standing right before you
All that you need will surely come..
I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to live like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

P.S. I typed it all. Because I mean it. You musn't have read it, thinking they're lyrics copied, but well, it's much more for me. Much more.
Personal Note:
I'll be your everything, provided, you be my side, forever. That's all I ask, really.

Happy Birthday!

I hate the word "anniversary".
It makes me feel old! :P Like silver or golden jubilee or something!

Umm, dmm, I know you wouldn't even remember it's the most special day of my, rather our life.
You will always remain my crazy little silly baby.
(Oops, you remember! NOW, That's a surprise!)

You know, you're the most beautiful thing I have ever encountered. You never fail to surprise me. Never. Even when I am screaming my head off. Even when I am so mad, busy shouting at you, that I cannot even see straight. You just laugh and make me cross the bummer traffic filled road. (I am scared of traffic).
You're my angel, really. I am so damn lucky, what did I ever do to get you? OMG! You're amazing. Maybe god punished you for your sins, by handing me to you. But well, I am lucky.
I could go on, but I need to sleep! :P
I love you, really. You taught me the meaning.

Appu, Your
Miss Sunshine.

Sun-Ray Awards! - #2

For the First Part, see Here

So, it's 14th again, and well, the time to be happpyyyyy!

This Month's reciepients are:

Common Man, for his guest post @ Expressive Silence.
Roshwrites, for never failing to amaze me. She writes amazing stuff at the tender age of 12.

P.S.: Few happy bloggers this time, I wonder why?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 Months in Blogsville! YAY!

Hey All!
Hello readers, followers, friends, passers-bys,
I have completed 6 months of blogging! Cool isn't it? I just realised today! I am so glad that I still haven't run out of topics to write about. I am glad that my life is still so cool, as it was 6 months ago. These 6 months have made me wiser, if not anything else. I have learnt a lot too. Poetry styles, writing fiction, appreciating everyone, being careful, everything. 6 months, 4 layouts, 3 nicknames later, I feel REALLY smart.
Even my wisdom tooth has started poking out! ;)

See? :P
Keep Blogging, That what makes my crazy clock tick! :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lies and Cries

You used to call me your sweetheart,
I was your only obsession,
I was your princess,
Your goddess,
You my untilting saviour.

When you were worried,
You cried, You screamed,
When you were woe'd,
You'd stagger, You swore,
I still used to cradle you,
In the warmth of my heart.

Now that you have everything,
You are the master of the world,
I am reduced to a mere heap?
Am I nothing more than your usual dump?

Can't I see through your facade?
I used to dismiss it,
with a mere whim,
But now,
It's really unmasked.

What did you think?
I won’t know?
I am a scrubbed doormat?
To remove your untamed muck?

It's all over,
Even if
we want to rekindle it,
I am sick, tired of your lies,
Your unruly screamings and cries.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy Parallel Thoughts -#3

She: (Gasps) OH! So do you..by any chance..umm..know Kabir’s girlfriend?
Me: Yes, I do know her. Very well, for that matter.
She: (Spooked) Oh..Okay..Don’t mention our little conversation to her okay?
Me: (Enjoying) Ohh, don’t you worry honey, I won’t.

Kabir.. I see him coming.. The bitch is standing in front of me, and blocking my view.

Kabir: (Pretty loudly) Heya sweetheart.. (Pulls apart his arms, to hug)
She: (Thinks it’s her lucky day, says to me) OMG! That’s Kabir!! OHMIGOSH! He was following me! He loves meeeeeeeeeee! *BLUSHES*

Heyy.. (To Kabir)(Sexy Drawl)

Kabir walks past her, pulls ME in an embrace, and says his usual baby-tone good morning.

She: (IS GOING TO FAINT, now!) Umm.. (Words don’t want to come out it seems) hmmmm….
Me: (Slyly) Yes, I am wearing lenses today, and my **books** are in my bag.
**Bitchy smile**

Kabir gives me a quizzing look.

Me: Cya then, tomorrow, maybe? ;)
(Passes out, ..well almost)

The expression on her face, six months ago, were so comical, that it's worth remembering her, even now. Turned out, Kabir had never seen her in school. I never told him the full story, and he , till date is puzzled about my last peice of information given to that "She".

Hope you Enjoyed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crazy Parallel Thoughts - #2

For Part One See : here
She: (Playing with her hair, and that’s when I notice how strikingly pretty she is..) No.. He’s a sciencie.. (Talk about sad timings)
Me: (PANIC ATTACK) What’s his full name? (Trying to control my feelings, of bashing her up, naturally)
She: Kabir.. (Dreamily) Rustagi..
Me: (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You little slut, NOT my boyfriend!!)
Me: Oh..how nice.. He wears specs? (Still praying that it’s not HIM)
She: (Pleased with my new-found interest) Yes..and he looks so delicious..Umm..
Me: (YA, WHY not! When I roast you and feed you to the rats, they will say the same!) Yeah, I am sure..
She: But, there’s a problem. (Hint of Anger)
Me: (A PROBLEM? There are millions, and you seem to be the undisputed queen of them!) Why? What happened?
She: He has a girlfriend, about whom he’s crazy, ….or so I’ve heard.
Me: (Bless his soul) Oh.. That is nice..
She: **GLARES**
Me: (hastily add)… for him.. he must be happy and isn’t that what you want?
She: NO! I want him! That poop faced of his girlfriend, must be an ugly wart!
Me: (Yes, you witch, when I push you outside the metro, you’ll feel uglier) Maybe she’s not that ugly.. After all he loves her you know..
She: I am sure he doesn’t.. With a pretty girl like me dying for him..I know he must be trying to make me jealous.. (Laughs) He’s such a sweetheart..
Me: (YOU BITCH! YOU $^#@$%^! How dare YOU call him sweetheart? I’ll take out your heart and pickle it with dried lizards!) Maybe that’s not the case..
She: Why are you taking HER side?
Me: (When I chop off your ruddy tongue, you’ll know.) I am just telling you all the probabilities.
She: No, she’s a nerd, I heard. Wears specs and all..and doesn’t like shopping!
She reads BOOKS!
BOOKS, I mean!! What a jerk. Must be those kinds who should take a placard saying “I am a girl” and roam about..AND, she studies in XYZ college, I mean only a 100 or so are selected out of 15000, doesn’t that shout NERD? (Laughs as if she trained Russell Peters)
Me: (I am wearing my lenses today) Umm..reading books ain’t nerdy..it’s..err..intelligent and smart, and classy. (YES AIRHEAD!)
She: (Glares, as if I am an alien) Hmm..Huh, whatever, but I hate reading books (LIKE I care) and she can’t be prettier than me.. (Wiggles her toes and laughs..slutty one, yes)
Metro stops at our stop, as in where we have to get off, the ABC station
Me: (Sigh) (Wishing she stumbles and falls from the escalators, and her pretty heels breaks, nothing else!) (And, praying that Kabir doesn’t turn up today, as he meets me everyday @ the station)
She: So which college where you in? Sorry..I don’t seem to remember.
Me: (coldly) You never let me answer!
She: (hesitates) Umm..sorry..so?
Me: XYZ College.

What Happens next? Does she Shout? Run? Do I Slap her? Spit on her?
Wait for the next part.
Till then,

You're not a Doormat!

Disclaimer: Don't read it if you're very happy, or if you don't want to hear nonsense now. I am talking to myself, anyways.

Enough is enough. You're not a bloody doormat! Get my point? Stop letting people come and trod all over you. Rubbing of their own sins, dirt all over you and then just walking away, leaving you with the load of all their crap. Why? Don't you have some bloody self esteem?

Oh, oops, you sold it long back, did you not?

Why do let everyone just push you around? WHY??? 18 years, you never bloody hell tell anyone what you feel, you just listen to any shit talking, and feel guilty about it. I mean, it's not really your fault that the shit stinks, does it? When will you stop letting people take advantage of you and just run off? WHY?

Why do you need to be bleeding Mother Teresa? (I respect her, sorry.) Why keep that mask of "coolness", when it's not cool to you? Why be so strong? When all you want is to drop yourself into someone's strong embrace?

WHY? You're not Ban Ki Moon, to be in charge of the whole damn world, are you? Stop acting mature as a 40 year old person. You don't need to be. Drop the shimmering halo, please. Do yourself one favour. Act like the vulnerable thing you actually are. No need to cry in front of every third person, but pleassssssseeeeeeeee, let your feelings show.

When you're crying, say you are. Don't just say nothing happened.
When you're frustrated, say you are. You are not their mum anyways.
When it's hurting, SAY it is. Cuz you're not a blithering doormat!

Get my point?
No you did not. You'll still be the doormat. Go die then.

(It's the alter ego again, No Miss Sunshine)

Crazy Parallel Thoughts - #1

Pre Script:

Before reading, I would like you guys to keep some things in mind:

1.I am an introvert, never tell anything to anyone. Especially not strangers.
2.Especially when it comes to my relationships.
Happy Reading now!

(I am sitting in the Metro, going to my college, when a chick sitting next to me starts talking AND I am trying to catch up on my sleep, so it's already irritating me..)

She: Umm..Hey..
Me: (Bewildered and Sleepy) Hey..
She: (Laughs a bit) I know you don't know me..but I know you.
Me: (WTF!??) Umm, Sorry, I don't remember you..may I know your name?
She:I am Priya, Shruti's (my best friend)'s classmate. (Slutty Laugh) I’ve seen you guys picture’s all over FB..

Me: (Disliking her by the minute) Umm, okay. So which college..
She: (cuts me) Are you
dating? (Sugary syrupy tone)
Me: (YES, I am, but I wont tell you!) Haha, doesn't matter, really.
Me: (Out of courtesy) So, are you dating?
She: (Laughs as if it was the weirdest question anyone could ask) Nooo.. but I have this really long time crush on this guy who's so cute, so charming, so..

Me: (I DONOT WANT TO KNOW!!) Oh, how cute..is he in your college?
She: (Rolls her eyes as if no one can date in college) You are so funny.. (NO! You are dumb, blithering idiot!)
Me: (What did I do, god?) Umm..that’s a nice compliment, but may I exactly know why?
She: I study in Miranda House. ( a girls college)
Me: (SO, How am I supposed to know?????!! Are you Eva Longoria?) Haha, oh, right.

I assume the conversation is over, and try to catch up on my sleep again, but as we all know, it wasn’t exactly one of my lucky days.

She: So.. He was in my school.
Me: (Bewildered)Uh..Who? ..oh..okay..your “crush”, innit? (My probability of being interested is a drop: the ocean) oh sweet.. (Try to sound tired)
She: His name is Kabir… (Dreamy voice)
Me: (PERK UP, WTH!!, She’s in the same school as my boyfriend and BFF, and it can hardly be a coincidence that MY guy is also named Kabir!) Oh, so which stream? Commerce? (Nonchalantly I ask, praying fervently that she says yes, as MY Kabir is a sciencie.)

So, what Happens? Is he the same Kabir or not? Wait for the other parts! :P
Till then,

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Into the blue you're dissapearing,
Remember me, will you ever?
Right, I know, you'll say 'yes',
Easy it isn't, you know.
Perhaps, this wasn't what you wanted,
Loads of trash it was,
Amicable, we had just become,
Couldn't you please stay?
Am I asking for too much?
But without you,
Life will be monotonous, unnerving,
Everything would cease to charm.

A Personal Note:

Irreplacable is what you are. You know who you are. I don't want to speculate, but, I am gonna miss you, and this is my small way.

Friday, June 5, 2009

If You Were a Song

For, The Blessed One, and dedicated to all of those, who are in love.

If you were a song,
You'd be the theme of my life,
You'd be the story of my happiness,
The chorus would have defined me,
The rhyme, our compatibility.

The melody would entrance me,
Hypnotise me, Enchant me,
My heart would thump,
In accordance with the beats.

If you'd be the sad saga,
I'd be the tragic queen,
If you'd be happy and gala,
I would be the

The ending, would never arrive,
The tears would, never come,
Because if you were the song,
It would go on forever.

P.S. If you were a song, I'd be your melody.