Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crazy Parallel Thoughts - #2

For Part One See : here
She: (Playing with her hair, and that’s when I notice how strikingly pretty she is..) No.. He’s a sciencie.. (Talk about sad timings)
Me: (PANIC ATTACK) What’s his full name? (Trying to control my feelings, of bashing her up, naturally)
She: Kabir.. (Dreamily) Rustagi..
Me: (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You little slut, NOT my boyfriend!!)
Me: Oh..how nice.. He wears specs? (Still praying that it’s not HIM)
She: (Pleased with my new-found interest) Yes..and he looks so delicious..Umm..
Me: (YA, WHY not! When I roast you and feed you to the rats, they will say the same!) Yeah, I am sure..
She: But, there’s a problem. (Hint of Anger)
Me: (A PROBLEM? There are millions, and you seem to be the undisputed queen of them!) Why? What happened?
She: He has a girlfriend, about whom he’s crazy, ….or so I’ve heard.
Me: (Bless his soul) Oh.. That is nice..
She: **GLARES**
Me: (hastily add)… for him.. he must be happy and isn’t that what you want?
She: NO! I want him! That poop faced of his girlfriend, must be an ugly wart!
Me: (Yes, you witch, when I push you outside the metro, you’ll feel uglier) Maybe she’s not that ugly.. After all he loves her you know..
She: I am sure he doesn’t.. With a pretty girl like me dying for him..I know he must be trying to make me jealous.. (Laughs) He’s such a sweetheart..
Me: (YOU BITCH! YOU $^#@$%^! How dare YOU call him sweetheart? I’ll take out your heart and pickle it with dried lizards!) Maybe that’s not the case..
She: Why are you taking HER side?
Me: (When I chop off your ruddy tongue, you’ll know.) I am just telling you all the probabilities.
She: No, she’s a nerd, I heard. Wears specs and all..and doesn’t like shopping!
She reads BOOKS!
BOOKS, I mean!! What a jerk. Must be those kinds who should take a placard saying “I am a girl” and roam about..AND, she studies in XYZ college, I mean only a 100 or so are selected out of 15000, doesn’t that shout NERD? (Laughs as if she trained Russell Peters)
Me: (I am wearing my lenses today) Umm..reading books ain’t nerdy..it’s..err..intelligent and smart, and classy. (YES AIRHEAD!)
She: (Glares, as if I am an alien) Hmm..Huh, whatever, but I hate reading books (LIKE I care) and she can’t be prettier than me.. (Wiggles her toes and laughs..slutty one, yes)
Metro stops at our stop, as in where we have to get off, the ABC station
Me: (Sigh) (Wishing she stumbles and falls from the escalators, and her pretty heels breaks, nothing else!) (And, praying that Kabir doesn’t turn up today, as he meets me everyday @ the station)
She: So which college where you in? Sorry..I don’t seem to remember.
Me: (coldly) You never let me answer!
She: (hesitates) Umm..sorry..so?
Me: XYZ College.

What Happens next? Does she Shout? Run? Do I Slap her? Spit on her?
Wait for the next part.
Till then,


Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

lolsss :) the ()s says it all :D nice going :D cheers cheers..

Miss Sunshine said...

hahah :P
i am so sarcastic, that when i say smthn straight, it feels sarcastic ;)

Ms.R. said...

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha I swear hahahahahahahahahahhaha

Satans Darling™ said...

Nice tempo :D Keep em comin sista!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Ms R.
hahahah :O

sacchi? thaaaaanks :D

dreamer said...

Nice one....hahahaha...Enjoyed my stay in your blog....waiting for your next post.

Miss Sunshine said...

hey, welcome :D
that's really nice of you :)

fms1988 said...

Hahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!
I just loved this totally i swear !!!!!!!!!!1

Miss Sunshine said...

you're just so cool! thanks!