Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I hate the word "anniversary".
It makes me feel old! :P Like silver or golden jubilee or something!

Umm, dmm, I know you wouldn't even remember it's the most special day of my, rather our life.
You will always remain my crazy little silly baby.
(Oops, you remember! NOW, That's a surprise!)

You know, you're the most beautiful thing I have ever encountered. You never fail to surprise me. Never. Even when I am screaming my head off. Even when I am so mad, busy shouting at you, that I cannot even see straight. You just laugh and make me cross the bummer traffic filled road. (I am scared of traffic).
You're my angel, really. I am so damn lucky, what did I ever do to get you? OMG! You're amazing. Maybe god punished you for your sins, by handing me to you. But well, I am lucky.
I could go on, but I need to sleep! :P
I love you, really. You taught me the meaning.

Appu, Your
Miss Sunshine.


Satans Darling™ said...

Happy Birthday :)

Smita said...

Happy Birthday :-) (though am not ure its ur b'day or somebody else's :))

mysterious gal said...

aww that was so cute and sweet:-) May God Bless u both always :-) Happy Birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

very sweet ! god bless you both .. tk cre :)

Brosreview said...

Happy birthday!

Ms.R. said...

Happy Happy Budday :D

Miss Sunshine said...

:) thanks :D

It's our anniversary. Our birthday. :P

there's more to come..and thanks :) so much!

:) thanks, so much!

hey, thanks so much :)

:D :D nappy nappy birthday :P

Anonymous said...

HAppy belated birthday!

Miss Sunshine said...

it's not belated. :D it's today. Our anniversary :P

fms1988 said...

Sooo sweet :)
Happy B'day..!!

Miss Sunshine said...

thankks :D