Monday, June 1, 2009

Drowned Chameleon

For the backstabbers. If you're one, then this is for you.

Why are you following me now?
Where’s your dignity? Lost somehow?
All that high and mighty talk,
Has it drowned?
Has it faded, like your fake wounds?

Never knew such species existed,
I was so ignorant, you’re correct!
Even google failed to cough them up,
And then, you staggered along.

You’re sluttier than the bitchiest sluts,
(Even they are true to their profession)
Uglier than the reddened pimple,
(even they dry away after a while)
Immature than a week old child,
And SO dumb, let’s just not get into that!

Thank gosh! you changed your ways,
It would have been hard to push the stink away,
What do you think?
I don’t know your tactics?
First you become the long-lost friend,
Then the anonymous slayer,
And when you’re act was washed off,
You went places, begging for support!

They were right, that
You change colours, faster than a chameleon,
Say , “What’s up friend?”
And plan to stab, the other end!
Who would have thought that the ‘sweetheart’,
Would turn out to be an ugly wart!

As if you weren’t enough,
The devil sent , to increase the dumb population,
Your loser of a body guard,
Atleast you’re worth talking about,
He first needs to clear his doubts.

I am tired of your ‘accusations’ and ‘suspicions’,
Try to get your facts right,
The day you get them straight in the head,
I might, just be around,
To clear those unhappening shrouds.

Wondering where's Miss Sunshine's signature? Ahem, this is not by Miss Sunshine, it's by her alter ego. The one who feeds on slashing backstabbers apart. ;)


Anonymous said...

waaah waah.. i am a fan of your alter ego then.. :P

Satans Darling™ said...

Haath par thook ke chamaat maar diya! Woh badi zor se lagta hai! :P

mysterious gal said...

wah kya baat keh di :D i love ur alter ego too...i too wish same to all backstabber i met in my life...kuch jyada hi mile....tussi to chaa gaye kudiye :D

fms1988 said...

woaaahhh !!
Someone is surely pissed :P Loved dis ...

Ms.R. said...

Me so proud :)

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Kajal
haha, thank you. :P
I am a fan too.. ;)

WAAAH! Kya farmaya! Dil khush kar diya ;)

Alter ego says "i love you too nabs" hehe :P I know. if u ever wish to use my poem for them, go ahead :P

sure , she is. ;) thanks :D

@Ms. R.
thank you so much. I was so scared as to what would you say. :|
thanks :D

Satans Darling™ said...

I had a chapter in hindi in my secondary class. It was called Rang Badlu Girgit :|

Miss Sunshine said...

hahahaha.. lol. I could have named the poem this.. my funny.. :P

Princess Caspian said...

love it!!

especially the title!!lol

P.S.: you not reading my blog these days??no comments...:(

Miss Sunshine said...

Sorry Princess, I was busy with my new vlog, I will surely be back! :D
with a bang!
and thanks :D

Miss Sunshine said...


Brosreview said...

Ah, here, I can feel the heat under the collar! A strong one with an assertive message to the backstabber kinds. Keep writing!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Brosreview
hehehe :P ;)
i was really mad. ;)