Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You're not a Doormat!

Disclaimer: Don't read it if you're very happy, or if you don't want to hear nonsense now. I am talking to myself, anyways.

Enough is enough. You're not a bloody doormat! Get my point? Stop letting people come and trod all over you. Rubbing of their own sins, dirt all over you and then just walking away, leaving you with the load of all their crap. Why? Don't you have some bloody self esteem?

Oh, oops, you sold it long back, did you not?

Why do let everyone just push you around? WHY??? 18 years, you never bloody hell tell anyone what you feel, you just listen to any shit talking, and feel guilty about it. I mean, it's not really your fault that the shit stinks, does it? When will you stop letting people take advantage of you and just run off? WHY?

Why do you need to be bleeding Mother Teresa? (I respect her, sorry.) Why keep that mask of "coolness", when it's not cool to you? Why be so strong? When all you want is to drop yourself into someone's strong embrace?

WHY? You're not Ban Ki Moon, to be in charge of the whole damn world, are you? Stop acting mature as a 40 year old person. You don't need to be. Drop the shimmering halo, please. Do yourself one favour. Act like the vulnerable thing you actually are. No need to cry in front of every third person, but pleassssssseeeeeeeee, let your feelings show.

When you're crying, say you are. Don't just say nothing happened.
When you're frustrated, say you are. You are not their mum anyways.
When it's hurting, SAY it is. Cuz you're not a blithering doormat!

Get my point?
No you did not. You'll still be the doormat. Go die then.

(It's the alter ego again, No Miss Sunshine)


Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

:) too much of an outburst :) you made me smile at two points, 1 the mother teresa quote and second when u said u r not ban ki moon to be in charge of the whole damn world :P :D
and yes, its always better to be you, than to be anybody else in the world thats too fake !

Miss Sunshine said...

True, but twhat I meant was, that don't be so strong when you ain't. You end up hurting yourself. That's all :D
thnx :D

Anonymous said...

Well, you made me think ...

Whatever... cheer up gal :)

fms1988 said...

Sahi hai !Appu ghussa :P
But yea its true if u aint strong den dnt act it..coz u deff will get treated like a door mat !
& then things like this happen..Outburst :P

Love ya girl!


Miss Sunshine said...

:D I am perfectly fine now :P haha

love you tooo :P ;)
*eeeeeeeeee* waala smile :D

Anonymous said...

guess this was much needed outlet ... hope u r at peace now :)

Miss Sunshine said...

yea, i feel amazing :D