Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crazy Parallel Thoughts - #1

Pre Script:

Before reading, I would like you guys to keep some things in mind:

1.I am an introvert, never tell anything to anyone. Especially not strangers.
2.Especially when it comes to my relationships.
Happy Reading now!

(I am sitting in the Metro, going to my college, when a chick sitting next to me starts talking AND I am trying to catch up on my sleep, so it's already irritating me..)

She: Umm..Hey..
Me: (Bewildered and Sleepy) Hey..
She: (Laughs a bit) I know you don't know me..but I know you.
Me: (WTF!??) Umm, Sorry, I don't remember you..may I know your name?
She:I am Priya, Shruti's (my best friend)'s classmate. (Slutty Laugh) I’ve seen you guys picture’s all over FB..

Me: (Disliking her by the minute) Umm, okay. So which college..
She: (cuts me) Are you
dating? (Sugary syrupy tone)
Me: (YES, I am, but I wont tell you!) Haha, doesn't matter, really.
Me: (Out of courtesy) So, are you dating?
She: (Laughs as if it was the weirdest question anyone could ask) Nooo.. but I have this really long time crush on this guy who's so cute, so charming, so..

Me: (I DONOT WANT TO KNOW!!) Oh, how cute..is he in your college?
She: (Rolls her eyes as if no one can date in college) You are so funny.. (NO! You are dumb, blithering idiot!)
Me: (What did I do, god?) Umm..that’s a nice compliment, but may I exactly know why?
She: I study in Miranda House. ( a girls college)
Me: (SO, How am I supposed to know?????!! Are you Eva Longoria?) Haha, oh, right.

I assume the conversation is over, and try to catch up on my sleep again, but as we all know, it wasn’t exactly one of my lucky days.

She: So.. He was in my school.
Me: (Bewildered)Uh..Who? ..oh..okay..your “crush”, innit? (My probability of being interested is a drop: the ocean) oh sweet.. (Try to sound tired)
She: His name is Kabir… (Dreamy voice)
Me: (PERK UP, WTH!!, She’s in the same school as my boyfriend and BFF, and it can hardly be a coincidence that MY guy is also named Kabir!) Oh, so which stream? Commerce? (Nonchalantly I ask, praying fervently that she says yes, as MY Kabir is a sciencie.)

So, what Happens? Is he the same Kabir or not? Wait for the other parts! :P
Till then,


fms1988 said...

Waiting for the other part...:P man id hate to let me sleep go for someone like tht :P Id be sooooo annoyed !!

Satans Darling™ said...

Waiting for more :D

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

that was funny :) waiting for the next part apurva :)

off comment : what did u do last night not to have your sleep :P :D cheers now :)

Miss Sunshine said...

hahaha :P tell ME about it ;)

yo!! :P

I was reading a book.. :P ;)
and thnx :D