Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moans and Groans - Nearing My 100 Posts!

Hello All You Lovely Readers,

Firstly, thanks for sticking with me for more than 6 months, and I hope you will continue to get bored , and keep returning to my blog, till, I whip out something really nice. Till then, please keep returning. Haha!

So, as you all have ALREADY understood, I am going to ask you for something, like always. I am nearing my 100th post, and I always wanted it to be special. I had this idea of guest posts since the time I wrote my 10th post (Hey, That's a landmark too!) , so what if everyone's doing so, I am not deterring from my wish. Should I? I guess not. I hope you will agree.

I would like to add a twist for poets/poetesses/prose - writers, Each one
of you have to take the heading of one of MY works and whip out something really
different from what I wrote. It can be same too, but, in a different way. You
get me, I know. ;)

So guys, moan and groan, because it's time for another set of guest posts, this time for me. :P

So the unlucky people are: (Crazy Sadist I am, I know.)

  1. The Blessed One.
  2. Anushka Desai

  3. Ashrita Di

  4. Archie Di (If she's still here)

  5. Nabila

  6. Ms. R.

  7. Common Man

  8. Brosreview

  9. FMS1988

  10. Smita

  11. Roshwrites

  12. Rose

  13. Shravan

  14. Neeraj

  15. Stephen

  16. Anshul

  17. Princess Caspian

  18. Princess Nuchu

  19. Princess Sonshu

  20. Riddhika Jain

  21. Choco - (I know you're new here, but something tells me, you're here to stay :D )

  22. Hopeless Romantic
  23. The Vitruvian Boy

  24. Pretty Me!!

  25. Annie

  26. Dreamer

  27. BlossomBlue

  28. Pulkit

  29. Gargi
  30. Daydreamer
  31. Yvonne

  32. Ms Cynical - Anu
  33. The Pink Orchid

P.S. : You are free to write something else, as in not accept the twist! No issues!

P.P.S: Everyone accepting the offer, please, PLEASE leave your e-mail IDs in the comments section or the shoutbox :D



What an excellent idea? will love to take part so as I am new to your site will look at back writes.
I myself am 10 short of 200 posts so am quite excited about that.

Take care.


roshwrites said...

Yay!! I'm doing a guest post for you!!
Happy nearly 100! ;)

PULKIT said...

:) let me know when u wan me to do... date :) and the work of urs, which u want me to remix ;)

Satans Darling™ said...

Oooooo guest post and all :D Sahi hai!


Hi When do you want a poem with the title of one of your blogs? and also do I write it in the comment section on your blog?


dreamer said...

would love to do a blog post for you....just let me when....
Have a nice day!!

Princess Sonshu said...

Sure im in!

Miss Sunshine said...


WOW! I am so happy! :) And I'll send you an invite to my blog, you accept that and then write as a new post in my blog!
Please leave your e-mail ID here, so that I can mail you an invite :)

Leave your ID please!

Please leave your e-mail ID. and I'l mail you an do it whenevr you fancy :) :) and the work, is the one you want to choose.. Crazy Beginnings is yours to explore :)

Please leave your E-mail ID :D I'll mail you an Invite. :)
You can do it whenevr you wish..

@Princess Sonshu
oooooh..thaaaaaanks :D

Miss Sunshine said...

You can write it whenevr you wish. Take your time :)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

am IN for u :) done for u daer, but might take some time for it, hope u dont mind :D

Miss Sunshine said...

naaaaah..i dun mind.. take ur time.. :D :D

Anonymous said...

10th post!!! hahahahaha..... yes i agree its a LANDMARK and i am yet to reach that appu baba..... i will ask you guys to guest comment on my 10th post.....

thnx a lot, i will do it appu baba :) all the best...

Miss Sunshine said...

okay..I'll do the guest post at 10th one @ Offal Talk :P ;)
thanks so much CM :D

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. while I was reading the list.. my heart was beating fast coz of nervousness.. there comes my name..

hahah.. one story and a poem.. ok?? :P ;)

Will let u know once I am done dear :)

Miss Sunshine said...

U shudnt have even seen the list.. I mean.. ur name would have been thr :P

hehe..sure.. :D write as much as you want :D no stopping ;)

and when ur done..please leave ur e-mail ID :P :)


Hi my email is:

Look forward to hearing from you.


Miss Sunshine said...

Sure, I'll email you :D

dreamer said...

My email Id is

Brosreview said...

Okay, I guess I am late, very late. Thanks for the opportunity. Any ways, I am happy you are reaching your 100th post! Keep coming with such lovely posts! Good luck!