Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Are My Sunshine

Yesterday, in my dreams,
Openly lit, the vast fields were,
Unendingly the blue skies streched.

Appalled, I was becoming numb, cuz,
Rusting, the scene looked decayed,
Everything seemed in place, still something was missing.

Mist and shadows lurked shamelessly,
You could even see the gloom hanging around.

Something was missing,
Understood what it was
Now, It struck me, so
Surprisingly, I couldn't take my eyes off.
How could I miss,
In a million years?
Newly lit the fields seemed,
Eased, I was relieved, cuz you were back, my sunshine.


Satans Darling™ said...

Beautiful work lady :) You're growing with each attempt!

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks so much Ash..u knw how much this means to me :D thaank you!!!!

Rose said...

I'm making your night by commentin honestly:P


Anonymous said...

really bright post !! liked it :)

roshwrites said...

Woah nice template! Brill post! I enjoyed reading it!

Brosreview said...

Good job! Keep writing!!!

Miss Sunshine said...

:) eeeeee..thanks :D

yayie..thnku :P

i din like the temp very much :| :P
thanks :D

:) thanks a lot. :)

dreamer said...

Beautiful and bright!! Enjoyed your should try these more often...Keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunshine.. Yep u shud keep tryin..

Miss Sunshine said...

yayyyyy :d thaaanks!

reaaly? wow. thanks :D

Aysha said...

Beautiful!A post filled with sunshine indeed!

Miss Sunshine said...

:) how sweet of you :D thanks

Anshu said...

miss sunshine...dis is really nice..very cute..n simple!! :)

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks :) :)

Amias said...

This is a very sweet poem.

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks :)