Saturday, June 27, 2009

Au Revoir...

The sunlight lights up my face in stripes, piercing through the window blinds. I wake up, get fresh, and stroll across the patio... What a beautiful day! Sun shining bright, the crisp & cool breeze, birds chirping, planes making contrails in the sky, children going to school, people driving to work. I love this sight. I just enjoy watching life going on around me, while I stand still and play the role of a silent spectator.

'This is it'.

The sky looks just beautiful. Hmm, shades of pink, blue, peach, yellow,white... Ah... I see no puffy clouds, just a whitish sheet looking like sand, with ripples on it. 'Alto Stratus', I say to myself. 'The winds are calm, the atmosphere looks stable'.

There is a plane in the sky. A very familiar sight. Not the airliner, but a small Cessna. I follow it as long as my eyesight can permit, then it vanishes. But it leaves me nostalgic.

I came here 3 years ago, with zero experience, a hundred questions, a thousand expectations, a million confusions, and an unlimited supply of excitement and happiness. It was difficult, rude and cruel, but I loved every second of it. It taught me how to try until one succeeds.It taught me how to fly, literally.

I am in the kitchen now. I open the fridge. It's almost empty. All that's left is devouring the last bits of eggs, bread, butter, cheese and the likes.

This fridge used to be loaded all the time. Frozen food, fresh food, ice creams, chocolates, what not. This kitchen is where I cooked breakfast for us, every morning [almost. Otherwise we would rush out having muffins :P].

"3 sunny side up's with whole wheat toast, no butter please!" He said.

"Oh you're up! Good Morning baby" I smiled. He was kind enough to help me out with cooking.

"I will miss all this. And more. The dinner every night, the endless coffee sessions, the fighting in the kitchen, and then making up too... You know it's gonna be difficult for me, don't you?"

"I know baby, but life goes on.." He added as we walked towards our room with our breakfast. "..Every journey we start has to come to an end. And besides, it's not like we are seperating forever. I am still gonna be with you."

"Yeah but things won't be the same when we return. My parents will be after my life the whole time! I will not be able to live with you, I will not be able to to all this. The fairytale is coming to an end!"

"Maybe India will hold some new challenges for us to be together. I am tired of having you so easily anyway!" He laughed. They were in the bedroom now "The fairytale has not ended, it's just gonna get new twists like the Indian movies.."

"Oh yeah, I know, you devil!" I threw a pillow at him. He threw it back at me. In no time we were pillow fighting. We were so engrossed and dedicated towards the fight, we suddenly tripped over something and fell on the floor. It was a stack of packed bags.

"I'm gonna miss this place too" He said, and we hugged.

I discovered myself here. I discovered love. I met new people, I learned how to judge and make the choice between right and wrong. I prioritized my priorities. And the most important thing is that I learned how to be independent, responsible and vocal.

As we are headed back towards India, I want to thank you for everything, right from making me love my country, to making me love myself. This is not the end, I will be back.

But for now,

Au Revoir, Canada!


I know Miss Sunshine for quite a while now. Before either of us began blogging :P And more than anything else, she is a wonderful person, outspoken, talented, honest, and a very good human being who wants to make a difference to this world. She is like my blogger baby :D

Love you sweetheart, and many congratulations for your 100th post. I have literally seen you grow from your first post up till now. I love your blog, and here's wishing you a 100 posts more, and then a 100 more.. and so on!


Miss Sunshine's take : Au Revoir..


Miss Sunshine said...

*thanks her starts for the day she met you*

woooooooow! That was such a sweet thought, di! I mean , it was all-the-more special cuz u shared it with me.. :)
For me. :)
Some places change our life forever, don't they? :)
Thaaaaanks ever so much :) and *eee* (good human) lol. :P

thanks so much :) :)
I hope to do a guest post on the highly acclaimed Memoirs too :P :D

thanks so much.


Satans Darling™ said...

I am so glad I could contribute my 2 cents to your blog babe :D And never have I shared something so personal ever before :P

But this is not all real, some fact and some fiction :D Now you guess what's what?!

Thank you so much!

Miss Sunshine said...

@Ash :D :P

hehehehe..haan, i guessed somebits.. :P ;)
anyways.. THANK YOU! :D

mysterious gal said...

wow i loved this piece!
This is so different from the writes u write and yet makes me wonder what made u stopped from writing such things

ur description of Canada made me wishing to go there just right now and change my life forever.....hope it isn't too harsh on me :P

and it even made me remember our sweet noting talks while u were there :D

and this was so romantically nostalgic....seemed so fairytale life....just beautiful....i really can't express more :D
*bows* to such beautiful expression

Love this post gal
and Love ya

@Miss Sunshine Congrats on ur 100th post .....and the perfect start to ur guest post......wishes for a great blogging life :D

Miss Sunshine said...

hehehehe :D
I was sssssooooooo different from what she usually writes.. :D

and thanks. I am waiting for your guest post too ;)
and u cant say no :P

neeraj_only said...

@ ashrita : kya baat hai! , aise all gals successfully hide / reveal many things . Built in ability i guess :p

feels nice to read you as 'guest'.

@ appu : congrats appu , this is easily great start to series of guest posts .

roshwrites said...

Great guest post...
Miss Sunshine, I changed the internet browser I use, so now I can see your blog :)

Miss Sunshine said...

:D she's awesome blossom :P

hehehe..and yeah..the best start ever :D

thank gosh

Satans Darling™ said...

@ Nabs...

I know, Canada is beautiful! The weather is amazing and the people are nothing short of spectacular. You would be waking up early and dining by 7pm if you were in Canada. Ahhh yes I remember those talks too!


@ Neeraj

Hahaha... Don't worry.. Emotional hokar main reveal nahi karti cheezein :P But yeah, this was pretty close to my heart coz it changed my life and Miss Sunshine is in the same zone now where she is shaping her career and herself. So I contributed what I had :)

@ Roshwrites

Thank you!

@Miss Sunshine

Haha.. Yeah.. If you must know... The love angle is fiction :P

Miss Sunshine said...

heheheh :P thanks so much, again for sharing your experiences..i cudnt have read it more than 10 times now.
hahaha :P

Anonymous said...

hey, nice post and vry well written....... appu baba, me also workin hard doin research on your past posts......lets see if i can come up with something.... reali nervous to write guests post yaar, but this wassome thing DIL SE!!

Miss Sunshine said...

Don't be nervous, just write what you feel :)
It'll be dil se. :D
Looking forward to your guest post :)

Satans Darling™ said...

CM.. This is nothing compared to your post on ES :| And you say you're bad at all this!

Miss Sunshine said...

YEAH!! I mean LIAR! :P