Monday, June 29, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be

This Guest Post is By Neeraj.
Who Because of his *not-so-supprtive-network* cannot accept my add request to Crazy Beginnings! :(
Nonetheless, I am posting it for him, to me, from him.
Get it? :P

Protagonists: she = her

Pre script : This is based on true story and 'we' are still
"friends" goes the story.
The clock turns back by 30 months; yes, many things have happened
in those last 30 months. January of year 2007 AD it was. Long time, it may
seem but as the event is so pleasant , it seems it happened only
yesterday. I remember first sight of her , my heart was pounding hard
like the perpetual motion of piston of steam engine. I remember first
sight of her . She was looking gorgeous and she carried herself with
unmatched élan and charisma .That day I was with two of my friends ,
she was in the shop I had gone to ( some other information about her
are being hidden for obvious reasons ). My friends did help me in
getting ready for first date with her. It is not as if this happened
by chance , it happened out of proper planning. The plan which
finally got success was prepared in the month of December 2007 AD (
college winter vacation / semester break).

So it was , 15th January 2007 , midnight , she and me in one/my room.
My friends had left after introducing themselves with her. They showed
their smartness in-front of her. She had most attributes like most
others of the same species . Wait, actual renaissance was yet to
happen. I modified her according to my needs. Oops! , treated her like
'object' , sorry for that but we had agreed to change each other
according to our needs . Only one thing mattered , she was my very
own and I loved her. I was excited but too scared to explore her
physical assets . I knew exterior looks simple , interior is complex
like anything , that's why the title of the story has been chosen "To
be or not to be ".

Back to talk about her , she was making humming sound ,I knew it was
natural. Her smell was simply intoxicating, so was her look. Any
normal boy of new generation can die to spend time with her and I was
no different. She did simply love my foolishness and was always there
to point my mistakes. Many of my actions meant nothing to her and I
loved being caught at mistake by her. it was not roller coaster ride
I had my own anxious moments , she was not fully available for me ,
she did ask for privacy and "time-space" to do many things what I
wanted to do with her.

Initial days were as confusing/learning curve .Dates became everyday
routine . I was learning new lessons i.e how to keep me/her happy. It
felt heavens when I was near her , I loved her "sphere of influence ".
when my nights turned into late nights and late nights into early
mornings ....I never knew. I really felt bad whenever she got unwell
or it seemed to me "she is unwell". Once she had stopped talking due
to unknown reasons . I had to call my "doctor friend" . Later on , I
was always available to treat her minor problems and she loved me
treating her. It was my privilege to be able to help her.

She is my best teacher till now in my life. Life surely changed for me
after knowing her . I spent countless hours weeping with her, studying
with her , singing with her , sitting silent with her, simply lying
and doing nothing with her, smiling with her , laughing with her , not
to forget shouting with her. Yes , I was addicted to her , it was
like eat-drink-sleep with her.

Time is dirty bitch, we have to part ways due to unavoidable
circumstances. If I have to make reasons for that , may be she is too
outdated for me. May be I am not meant for her 'anymore'. May be I am
fed up of being her arm-candy. I am not sure of any of the reasons but
again my favourite line , "sometimes life has to go like this ". Why
do all good things come to an end , this mystery will always be there
. Life has to go on , I’ll meet her once in a while and her well
being will be my priority. We shall remain friends-for-ever.

The she = her = "my computer”.

Yes, read again the previous line . Now my
computer belongs to my sister (officially :P , I am just ex-owner of
the same ) . I can't carry her anymore , it's a desktop : too clumsy
to carry and I know I will have to do a lot of traveling in different
parts of India in coming months/years :)

Friends, now go at the top and enjoy this sweet story again with no
mystery involved.

Through this I want to salute the complexity involved with all
gals/women ( my computer ). Even they are not sure what they want ,
hence this makes things really interesting ( all gals I know say this
:P , sample space is small hence facts can be misleading......) . It's
upto to the surrounding to try to decode them and "fail" in the
process of doing same. For now the complexity is omnipresent and is
omnipotent for sure , one can only respect this complexity and just
hope for the best ( again , nothing official about it ).

The title has been taken from Appu's blog , in March she wrote one blog
entry with similar name......I am not sure but I think from this blog
entry I had started reading her works...and rest as they say is history :)

Congratulations to Appu for nearing 100 blog entries. May you achieve
all good things what you want in life , that is my wish . One more
thing my addiction to blog world had seeds in your blog. I knew
Ashrita , Kajal , Ms. R. from your blog . Days / nights won’t be same ,
I won't be hopping on blogger like I did in the months of
March-April-May ( even then I knew this , that's why I was pampering
everyone then ), but memories will always be may be
knowing I call this "sounds from memory lanes ".

Again hi5's and cheers ...carry on Appu!

Miss Sunshine's Take: To Be or Not to Be


Miss Sunshine said...

Hey Neeraj

I guess this is your longest post ever! *Crazy Beginnings* :D

And, thanks so much, for making the efforts to write down everything with pain-staking details, which is not exactly your style :D
I appreciated the chosen title, cuz it's one of my favourites too :P

and thaaaaaaaaaanks again! I loved the way u kept "your computer" under wraps..I thought, "wohoo!? Who is this chick!??" hehehe..pretty cute..and yes, I can relate to you, cuz my computer is kinda my bestie too :D :D

hehehe! THANKSS! :D

neeraj_only said...

@ appu : long ago i was taken by surprise by similar article in times of india :) ....kuch kuch waisa hi hai ye
ho gaya lamba kya karein .pyar ki batein , acchi batein , pata hi nahi chala.

About my style , "evolution is my fav word " :p

It feels nice to be 'guest'.


A very detailed account, I foolishly thought "she"was a girl and felt sorry for her , very ingenious write, most enjoyable to read.


neeraj_only said...

That was trap to make readers fall in :p
good to know u became victim...lolz
thanks a ton for reading my 'longer then usual post '

roshwrites said...

Nice guest post about 'She'. Interesting!
@Miss Sunshine- my guest post is ready for you...

Satans Darling™ said...

Alright I knew "she" was not the normal girl but I did not think it was a computer :P Nicely done Neeraj!

Miss Sunshine said...

then u were smart Ash :P

neeraj_only said...

@ rosh : thanks for liking . My 'she' was real special.

neeraj_only said...

@ ashrita : i ws waiting 4 ur comment . I knew i won't be able to 'fool' you .... :p

but i tried .....hehe

neeraj_only said...

@ appu : miss editor
errata : plz edit " december 2007 AD" to " december 2006 ".

Miss Sunshine said...

sure.. :D

Kovid said...

heyy !!!

nice lil' story ... me too have the same story ... i had a computer when i was 10 ... my only friend ... we too had to part ways cuz of unavoidable circumstances, and got back together after a few years and now we're, together forever ... ;)

Miss Sunshine said...

that's nice Kovid :D