Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sun-Ray Awards! - #2

For the First Part, see Here

So, it's 14th again, and well, the time to be happpyyyyy!

This Month's reciepients are:

Common Man, for his guest post @ Expressive Silence.
Roshwrites, for never failing to amaze me. She writes amazing stuff at the tender age of 12.

P.S.: Few happy bloggers this time, I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

thats a real cool idea!! hope to get this award someday fr my blog too ;)

Ms.R. said...

Awww that is soooo sweet! Hugs!

Miss Sunshine said...

u have to write really happy posts for that. :P

@Ms. R.
hhehehehe :D thanks!
You can never win this one.. :P you write so sad sagas.. :(( :P
*work hard* :P

roshwrites said...

Thanks Miss Sunshine! Woo-hoo! My first award =D =D =D
I'm putting this up on my blog right now!

Anonymous said...

Congrats CM and Rosh..

Mwackz to Sunshine:)

Miss Sunshine said...

:D aww, welcome xoxox!


Anonymous said...

:D thank you so much...... yaar nxt time appu baba batadena ki humko award mila hai...... i m nt so much into all dis so pata nahi chalta......

Thanx a lot......

Miss Sunshine said...

lol :D
hehe .. okie i'l tell you :D