Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Status Symbol, Isn't It?

The film industry has done it again! This time it’s Shiney Ahuja leading the race with the baton. With a wife and an one and a half year old child, he has left no tables unturned. I hope we all know what I am talking about. The gory act of raping his 19 year old maidservant will not tarnish his conscience, but surely will, to his image, or fan following, to name a few. The society has a clean cut image of the rapist: Rugged, mean looking, scares-the-hell-out-of-everybody accent, checking out anything in a skirt. Don’t we?
But what about these kinds? Who hide behind the façade of “Do-Gooders”? Exploiting struggling actresses, maids, low-waged employees, is seemingly becoming a norm. Madhur Bhandarkar, Shakti Kapoor, why aren’t they convicted? Moolah is the answer. They do unfathomable acts, bribe the corrupt police officials, and well, they are free. Free to commit unimaginable crimes, yet again.
What angers me the most is how easily the actor is saying that, “it was just consensual sex.” Don’t you have any obligations towards your wife, then? Even if it was? I cannot for one minute believe that the maid had given her consent, to rape her. Is this what you will teach your child?
Where is your social responsibility? With fame, comes some responsibility. You cannot just let go and say, “It’s my life, I’ll do whatever I want.” If you were a nobody, you can, but not when thousands of people consider you as their idol.
You should die of guilt, I swear.
Rape is the heinous crime. Most heinous. Filthy , exploitative swine you rapists are, nothing else. There’s no use letting you know, as to how it would feel, if the poor victim were your own mother/sister/daughter. You couldn’t care less, that’s why. You’d rape your own family.

P.S.: I am really angry. Really. Where's the society heading towards? It seems there is no place left for the female gender to be safe at.


Anonymous said...

I was shocked and angry too.. when I read the newspaper in the morning...

Shold kill this kinda people..

Princess Caspian said...

He was one of the 'good' actors the industry had! And with all that image of being a family guy!

What do these people think they are?If they think they are god-make this clear god id NOT a rule braking-society molesting bastard! These don't have even a SMALL bit of self conscience in themselves! SO NOT HUMAN! All I want is 'kilas kilas ke maro saalon ko'!Make them realize that they can do whatever with THEMSELVES but they hold ABSOLUTELY NO right to do anything to someone else!FREAKING BASTARD!


Brosreview said...

I agree and relate to your attitude. Well, I reckon my latest post attests to it, doesn't it?

With money the crime's legal punishment might be pardoned. But, the black mark still remains identified by the society. And, that is their biggest punishment.

I felt you in this post. Good job!

dreamer said...

It was shocking....I absolutely agree with you.........How people can appear something and be something....He definitely should be punished and made an example of..

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic when people others may look up to behave in such a manner. It'd be great if he was made an example and been made to face the consequences of his actions. But the cynic in me thinks otherwise.

Brosreview said...

Umm, it is symbol not symbot. I am sure it is a typo.

fms1988 said...

I was gna write a post on this :)
Well written.
I really dont think the maids consent was a part of the game.
I have honestly always admired the guy when it comes to acting.But on a personal level his ego & attitude needed some serious sorting out...Who knew a 19yr old maid can do the job :)by hitting back on him..jus when he thought she will stay quite!Wat an earth was the guy thinking......!!!

numerounity said...

Two things apurva- The maid’s claimed age is 18 years and today morning news flashed doubts about her being minor. Secondly, As surprising as it may- shiney ahuja’s wife- Anupam Ahuja has reportedly flied down to Mumbai from Delhi to be by her innocent husband’s side. According to her, her husband is being framed and the statement about the “consensual sex” is quoted as unreal by her. I know there is lot to this story than what meets the eyes…But truly speaking society is degrading like anything.

I might write on the same...let's see how well it comes up.


Satans Darling™ said...

Nice post, but I beg to disagree on a few points here.

Firstly, there is a good chance this might be just consensual sex. But what is funny is that there is no law or rule to support this man at all. I live in an area full of such stars, and trust me these affairs are something which always go on under the nose of this media. This is just one incident.

There are reports about the girl being tested positively for sexual force. But some people just like it forcefully even with consent and we cannot deny that. Like in the papers today, why don't they test her for vaginal lubrication which is a clear sign that she wanted to do it too?

There is a very good chance that she misused this to get some money from him for her betterment. You know what I mean? This happens. This is what showbiz is all about.

Also, I would like to highlight the fact that we embrace the western culture, where all this is a common thing. But we do not accept these things. We fail to realize that in some way or the other, they will prevail.

For one thing the society needs to define itself. They seem to be in a state of confusion. What do they want, and what they don't.

On the other hand this could just be a publicity stunt too. Shiney Ahuja is not having the best days of his life either.

Oh yes, this girl is 18 years old by the way.

Please don't think these maids are "abla naaris". I have personal experiences with these kind of girls. They can fall to ANY extent really.

It's a nice write up, but I think Shiney deserves a benefit of doubt.

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...
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♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

do u really believe there is any rape behind the publicity stunt :D

and morover no court in world could convict him for raping sumone who admitted got raped several times yet kept coming to house to work and chose one day to complain to police...
he will be just tapped in hands for lil abuse...and even if the girl is right and not this is a publicity stunt...she is gonna get injustice and a tainted image like every victim ..

but i have lil doubt abt this being a publicity stunt...I think Madhur Bhandarkar case helped me learn a lot abt these bolly stunts

Ms.R. said...


Ms.R. said...

Just read Ash's comment...

My Mum fired a maid cuz she was talking about my *gasp* Dad and and someone told my Mum about it. Also her chaal chalan wasn't good... Hehehe. Dad. Hehehhee.

Satans Darling™ said...

@ Ms.R

LOL! Trust me, it has happened here too!

@ Daydreamer

Believe you me, this could be a publicity stunt and the girl would just get famous for being screwed by Shiney Ahuja. Her market value will increase! I have seen so many people being proud about the fact that they slept with movie stars.

Miss Sunshine said...

super sucky, i swear!

Yeah. So gross, i cant even begin to tell.. thanks :P

yeah, ur post was abt it too..in some ways..and thanks!

yeah..that's wat it's all about..haina? Crap filled people.

haan, typo tha..hehehe

u can still write..and u shud.. :P
for more angles..heheh :D

@ numerounity
oh..i saw the news @ 6 in the morn..they were confused about the age.. :P
thanks..and sure..m waiting fr u to write on it :D

I never forgot that angle, really. I know such ones also exist. But the point angered me. Rape. I was really mad and all. I know he could be given a benefit of doubt and all, but well, my point was ki log galat faeda uthate hai..and it's nowhr safe for us girls..
and thanks for writing it out.. :) :)

I have never understood as to why everything is named a publicity stunt. I have never understood the meaning of it. Really. mayb it's a publicity stunt, mayb not. my issue is that the bloody rapists should get a life.
@$$ holes!

har type ke log hote hain. I swear!

@Ash again
mayb yeah, but well, as you know mera point alag hi tha :D :P

Satans Darling™ said...

I got your point! And I agree with you on that angle :D

Miss Sunshine said...

i knoew..u wud undrstand :D :P