Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy Parallel Thoughts -#3

She: (Gasps) OH! So do any chance..umm..know Kabir’s girlfriend?
Me: Yes, I do know her. Very well, for that matter.
She: (Spooked) Oh..Okay..Don’t mention our little conversation to her okay?
Me: (Enjoying) Ohh, don’t you worry honey, I won’t.

Kabir.. I see him coming.. The bitch is standing in front of me, and blocking my view.

Kabir: (Pretty loudly) Heya sweetheart.. (Pulls apart his arms, to hug)
She: (Thinks it’s her lucky day, says to me) OMG! That’s Kabir!! OHMIGOSH! He was following me! He loves meeeeeeeeeee! *BLUSHES*

Heyy.. (To Kabir)(Sexy Drawl)

Kabir walks past her, pulls ME in an embrace, and says his usual baby-tone good morning.

She: (IS GOING TO FAINT, now!) Umm.. (Words don’t want to come out it seems) hmmmm….
Me: (Slyly) Yes, I am wearing lenses today, and my **books** are in my bag.
**Bitchy smile**

Kabir gives me a quizzing look.

Me: Cya then, tomorrow, maybe? ;)
(Passes out, ..well almost)

The expression on her face, six months ago, were so comical, that it's worth remembering her, even now. Turned out, Kabir had never seen her in school. I never told him the full story, and he , till date is puzzled about my last peice of information given to that "She".

Hope you Enjoyed!


Satans Darling™ said...

LOL.. Hahaha... Now Kabir will know ;)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

lolzz :)hahahahaha :)

Miss Sunshine said...

naah, he wont ;)
he doesnt read my blog..hahahahaha


Cяystal said...

Naughty ya!

Miss Sunshine said...

yes, very :P ;)

fms1988 said...

:D Maza aagaya sachi mein !!

Miss Sunshine said...

thaaaaaaaanks *hugs*

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...


u were so cruel :P


Miss Sunshine said...

hahaha, that's the way I am :P

mysterious gal said...

wow i loved this....made me remember a few incidences down memories lane...where few gals used to try to make me jealous by showing she is his best frnd and stuff.....not knowing i m his GAL...what days....its fun ....enjoy them :)

Anonymous said...

read all the part now .. i do it wd all series post ! really enjoyed .. how ppl can talk abt sm1 wdt knowing !

dreamer said...

really nice ....enjoyed reading.Keep writing!!

Miss Sunshine said...

yea, THAT has happened too. :P
so many funny incidents. lol. Make me roll with laughter. That's what life is!

I do the same. Only when the series is complete, then I read it. I hate the suspense! :P and thanks :)

thanks a lot :)

Princess Caspian said...

OH boy!I love this!
So funny!Is'nt sumthing like the post I once posted?remember?"Thinking (for a change)" genre...;)
Is it from your mind or did it really happen???Please say it happened...even if not exactly the way told it!:P