Thursday, June 18, 2009

What A Pleasant Surprise! Thanks Rosh :)

I was fed up of working, when suddenly a chat window pops out of nowhere, and it's Roshni's window, so a little smile starts playing on my lips.. Here's the chat:

Rosh: hey miss sunshine.. at last.. sorry let me introduce myself first..
me: heyy rosh :D
this is roshwrites haina?
Rosh: this is actually roshnis mum..oops sorry.. rosh writes is my daughter
me: problems :)
Rosh: she is so full of praises for u..
me: she's wunderful :) is she? I love what she writes :) happy poems
Rosh: thanks.. uve been so good with her
me: she;s like my li'l sis :)
Rosh: she is a kid.. just learning..and with ur her more confidence..
me: I am so obliged to help :)
Rosh: sorry is it apurva..ur name..ill have to sign off now..but was waiting for u to come online sometime..
me: thanks so much :) yes my name is Apurva
Rosh: hope to chat with u time.. its just im at work and its teabreak now..
me: ohkay :)
Rosh: pretty name..just like u..
me: hope to catchya sometime :) thanks
Rosh: sure ..will wait for u.. want to know u..more.. take care.. have a good day..
me: thank you u too

I was so happy, I was over the moon when I read it. I mean, Rosh gave me so much importance :)
She's such a brilliant writer herself :)


Anonymous said...

Rosh's mum contacted me on twitter.. so cool of her to support her dauther in all :)

Miss Sunshine said...

Yeah! I mean, so amazing! That she takes so much interest :)
it's wunnerful!

roshwrites said...

Hey Miss Sunshine! What a surprise! My mum is gobsmacked... I showed her this just now...
Thanks soooooo much Miss Sunshine :D

Anonymous said...

I am so surprised too.. Two words for that Sweetheart's mom, who seems to be a sweetheart toooo

"COOL MOM!!!".. God bless you :)

Miss Sunshine said...

It's not everyday na, that your favourite writer's mom says that she likes you. :P
:) xoxo
thanks so much rosh! O should thank you, not the other way round :)

:) I am so happy, you know. heheh :D
blogging se making someone happy.. :D

Fatima said...

Awwwww ♥ Sweet :D

Miss Sunshine said...

Thanks Fatima :)

Smita said...


Such sweet things do wonders to our confidence no? They also give a purpose to our writings!

Miss Sunshine said...

YES! I mean, it was so thoughtful and needed :)

The Vitruvian Boy said...

So sweeet of you all.....
gelling up well and inspiring and spreading happiness in each others life.... :)

Nice.... :)

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks :D

The Blessed One said...

:) Rosh's Mom!You ROCK! :)