Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Cloud Nine

Oppressed, rejected and left out,
Nine out of ten, killed.
Could the wars be more ruthless?
Love, shattered into a million peices,
Orphaned, uncountable souls,
Undermining the value of joy,
Death, desperation, dignity - The world has lost it's all.
Neither hatred, Nor insecurity,
Is ever going to bring the laughter back,
Nursed I, a tiny wish forever,
Everyone be on cloud nine, together.

Prompted at Acrostics Only


Satans Darling™ said...

Loved the way it ended!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

ditto!!! :)

P.S: I was lik :O whn i started to read.. y on earth wud u talk abt killin n dying in a acrostic abt cloud nine.. n then, wham! awesomee.. :)

Smita said...

Such a nice way to put it :)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

left with nothing more to say. well done

Anonymous said...

Such a nice poem wrapped in such a nice theme!
Good read!

Princess Caspian said...



Well done,


Brosreview said...
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Brosreview said...

Okay, I re-read this over and over again.

Umm, I am able to establish a loose connection between "on cloud nine" and the rest of the lines. That's highly wishful thought you have there, considering the harshness of the real situation. And, that was exactly what was making me sceptical of the usage.

Any ways, I admire the effort. Good luck!

Savannah said...

Welcome Miss Sunshine, glad you decided to join the fun.

Interesting take on the prompt. Very thought provoking.

Miss Sunshine said...

:D :D thanks :)

haha, I know. I cudnt make it prominent, but koi ni..i'l keep trying :P

thanks so much :)

heyy! Thanks :D that was something really nice. :)

really? Thnx. :) That was really sweet of you. and I love your Display Picture :P

*eeeee* shukriya :P

thanks so much, I mean coming from you! You do brilliant poetry yourself :)

Phew. I was waiting for you to comment. I wasnt my best attempt..I couldn't properly establish the connection..but well, I'll keep trying. :) I wanted to do a different take, actually :)

Thanks for appreciating :)

Hey :) Thankks :D That's really motivating :)

roshwrites said...

Well written! Brilliant acrostic =D

Psych Babbler said...

I like! Nice one! :)

The Write Girl said...

This is a unique acrostic for on cloud nine. Very creative.

Miss Sunshine said...

Thanks so much :D :P