Monday, May 10, 2010


Happy Mother's Day Mumma. :) I Couldn't go beyond Maa for the title of the poem, because that's what she is to me, my Maa! :)

(For the uninitiated, Maa is the Hindi word for Mother)

Running down,
Wailing aloud,
My foot bleeding,
In and out.
You felt faint,
But my mother,
You still caught me around.

Picture pretty,
Beautiful princess,
You kept me prim and proper,
Perhaps sacrificing
Your own desires.

Shouted on me,
Sometimes slapped me,
For I got a zero,
I failed you,
I do realise,
But it wasn't all intentional.

102 , 103, 104 degrees,
You sat by my side,
All through it,
Fanning me as I slept,
Caressing me as I wept.

Even though I never say it,
In my heart it's embedded,
I love you mom,
And I don't think,
Moms get better than this! :D
Thank you Jaideep for the motivation and the inspiration. If I could I'd dedicate this to you, but it would be funny if I do. :D :)



A really beautiful poem which gave me tremendous pleasure to read.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written.


Miss Sunshine said...

thankyou Yvonne. Coming from a mother, it feels nice :)

thanks a lot tywo!

Harini said...

:)... beautiful :).

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks :)

JD said...
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JD said...

hmm.... beautiful poem, i'd say again.. I m proud to have inspired u.... nd yeah, xox'o'

Miss Sunshine said...

thankyou :)


nitwit said...

realy preety .. nice poem

Miss Sunshine said...


Leona said...

Belated happy mothers' day to your mom! :)

buckingfastard said...

sweet in the most unadulterated way!! :)

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks leona and Bf :D

Seema said...

Beautiful poem....Happy Mother's Day.