Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Death is Final

Death is the only final thing in someone's life. I feel you can undo anything and everything, repair your karma, but not death. Death is like the final fullstop. No more running around, begging for your life or even a small favour. No more negotiations. No more haggling, no more laughing, no more crying and no more breathing..

All that you ever cared for, ever thought about doing comes crashing (or maybe, a sense of achievement for those who could achieve all that they wanted..). I always wonder what one's thought process might be when they know that it's their last moment. Do they count their blessings? Thank god for the wonderful life that they have lived? Panic? For they didn't achieve all that they wanted to? Think about their loved ones and how they'd be helpless without them? I wonder if it's like the movies. Where their life plays out in front of their eyes. Or if it's just snap! it's over. Death is so natural, yet something that nobody is brave enough to face. We embrace birth with so much gusto and anticipation.. but death is something that makes even a morgue manager shudder everytime. It's sadness. Deep inherent sadness. Sadness that is feeded by the disruption of normal life, sadness that is fuelled by helplessness, sadness that is fuelled by ignorance on our part - that we'd be losing someone someday. We, humans, love to just shut that part away into the far corner of nowhere. It's how our innate optimistic nature unfolds..

I have a lot of questions, a lot of theories.. all with the same conclusion that, Death is final. It's the last stop on your train to life and there is no way you can escape it.


Jaideep said...

I am glad to find that you share my inquisitiveness for the same! Very well written.. And, if you ever got to know how it ends, do tell me... I wanna prepare my life's slide show. LOL. :D

Apurva said...

Sure thing :P
The End se pehle waala slide? haha.

It's pretty crazy..haina? The lifecycle of living beings.