Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Believe in Me.

Stand taller
Shoulders back 
Spine straighter

Stand proud
Prouder than ever
Now is the time

Carry your head
On your shoulders
See the world
Greet it
With twinkling eyes
A confident smile
A firm handshake 

Move on
Trash every sadness
Treasure the happiness

Kiss goodbye
To the fears
That house you
the humanity and sunshine

Live in this moment
Life does give chances
It doesnt wait
But you can redeem your worth

You are priceless
Your value is magnificent
You can do magic
Just believe in yourself.


Jaideep said...

Wow! Another great poem!!
So inspiring! :)
I hope you are also inspired writing it as much as I am reading it!

Apurva said...

I sure was.. :)

Jaideep said...

Not "am"? Like don't you feel inspired always? :)

Apurva said...

I really don't. Holding onto thin air.

Nikhil said...

This peom depicts your "Free as a bird " attitude Apurva! :)
Loved the flow. :) :)

Harshita Srivastava said...

Lovely poem Apurva :)