Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Dilemma of Food-a-holic!

Let's start with the alarming facts first:

I've put on 5 Kgs in the past 2 months.

That is something to believe the title, I guess. :/

I hate exams, to begin with. It's not about the studying part, (that's a well established fact that we all hate studying!) but the kilos we pile up. I keep eating and munching and gobbling something or the other 24*7! And, most of the times it's those pick-me-up-fatty-foods.

I try staying healthy. But, cannot.

Why on earth would you pick a salad, when you can savour a delicious mango shake topped with whipped cream?
Or a plate of aloo-tikki?
Or maybe some gorgeous mayonnaise sandwiches?

You get my point, don't you?

On top of it, I have cultivated this fetish for cooking all of a sudden. Talk about all the calamities striking the same moment. Yes, cooking is great, it's a lot of fun, to buy those beautiful ingredients and whip up something to gobble down again!

Lots of cribbing apart, and not to forget the damnable calories, I love scourging the net for those easy-to-make delicious dishes, and keep on experimenting around. I never knew cooking was THAT fun and not some rocket-science as well..!

The best part: You don't have to follow those recipies to the T. You can always experiment and whip up something uniquely yours :)

P.s: Something waiting in my list of bookmarks to be tried out after the exams: Poached Pears with Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce

Sounds Delicious, doesn't it?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Most enjoyable to read. sorry about the increase in weight, but I'm sure you will soon lose it again.


Miss Sunshine said...

I'm trying so hard to! :D

Cyniqueen said...

So true! Just goes to prove that exams are darned evil and benefit no creature dead or alive. Also, love the new blog-look. Probably not good for my diet, but still. Pretty :)

Miss Sunshine said...

haha, so true. It never ever benefited anyone. Who the hell came upwith exams anyway? :/

Thankyou.. The change was so overdue. Dont worry, you'll manage to stick to it :)

Jaideep said...

Don't worry...
You'll lose the excess weight! :)

And, waiting to eat some of the so much heard poached pears! :D :)