Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Done with College!

Damn! Wasnt it just yesterday that it was my first day and I was a little skeptical about joining this particular college? :/

What just happened? Where did the three years go? Frankly, I have no recollection whatsoever. (No, no hangovers please!) Here I am, a graduate with not an iota of sense than before.

Or maybe I do, as I said, I have no idea!

My class :)

I used to hate college back in my first year. It was worse than school! All that discipline, strictness, attendance issues left me wondering, "weren't these things just supposed to be forgotten back at school?"

But Nahh, that's how my college works.

And, after three years, I'm so gonna miss that. I'm proud of the tough environment, the conditioning to smile and find joys in every little thing that we've inculcated. I'm proud of the maddening deadlines, the million examinations and everydamnthing that makes me what I am today.

I made some crazy friends, lost some, learnt some lessons, had the time of my life, joked around, fooled (myself), and yeah, studied. I did.

I know I'm ranting, maybe not making any sense with all the disconnected topics that I am jumping from here to there. But the thing is that I'm a wee bit scared.

Okay, A LOT.

It just feels like some void is coming through. Like it's coming around and someday, will hit us with full blast. It's scary, and I don't really wanna face it. The carefully built up life that we had, will come crashing down in one single moment.

I'm waiting for it..

Till then, I'll keep on preparing myself!

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