Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Been Long.

Why do I still have this blog? I stroll in every few months to vent out my frustration, my loneliness, my love, my sadness, or anything that strikes me at that time. I confess, it's not my go to place when I am alone. I write for the blog, solely because I want to keep it alive. Even if I just check on it every few months.

I started this blog on a whim, to support my childish fancy. I always liked to scribble, and I wanted someplace to have them all together. Those scribbles blossomed to paragraphs and then to poems and I let my mind, emotions and places mingle and just let them flow into words - to be etched in this blog. I gave up after some months of relentless posting and updating my labour of love. Things changed, readers became wary of me not coming back, and slowly it just died out.

Every time I come back, I promise myself I will keep it alive, post in every few days and comment around, have a good theme and promote it. The usual blogger stuff. But, whenever I come back I find something from the past, that I have let go of so patiently, so painfully, that I don't have the heart to read through it and let me hurt myself.

So, why don't I just shut it down?

Because, I don't regret my life. I am not ashamed of who I was, and I know that this little url was a big part of my life sometime. I want to respect that memory. Just, that's why.

I will keep coming back. In the hope of writing some more. :)

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