Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Till When..?

That's the question which haunts my sleep and makes me gasp whenever I read yet another piece of information about yet another rape, molestation, eve teasing case in my country.

I beg your forgiveness even before I say this. Every hour three women are raped in our country. Gang raped, marital rape, minor rape.. You name it, we got it. We protest for a bit, ofcourse - none of the protests were this large scale and it just dies down. What happens after some months? Everything is forgotten, nobody cares anymore, some odd newspaper tries reviving the story for the lack of another story to cover the allotted columns and slowly but steadily it dies down, like it never happened.

Why did you wake up so late? Dear countrymen - Why? And when you have finally woken up, will you just douse the uproar when you're bored? When you have to worry more about your electricity bills than the false promises of change you made to yourself?
I'm getting half sick of all these protests. Because a part of me knows that it will just die a sudden shameful death, and yet again the ministers will clank glasses brimming with white wine and cheer each other for fooling the short sighted Indian citizens.

I'd love the protests. I'd bring food and water for everyone trying to make a change. I'd kiss your feet and worship your statues if and only if you care to continue this uproar. Promise me, fellow Indians, that this fire wont die the death of a poor man's embers but will roar on like the Amar Jawaan Jyoti,and everytime someone did something heinous, this fire will engulf and wreck the savage beast.

Would you care to do that?

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