Friday, September 13, 2013

I Heart Blogging! - 200th Post.

I'm back again, this time with my 200th post. (Oh well, I know, it's been forever since I've blogged like a regular, conventional blogger, but I've always been fickle minded! I should can be forgiven!) I love this blog and it's still special to me to reach the bicentennial mark. Since we're on that topic, I'd tell you how and why I fell in love with blogging.

I started blogging four years ago, and I got pretty hooked onto it. The reason was extremely simple. I was the shyest creature I'd ever come across. I struggled to speak up, let my imagination flow, write about things that excited me around people I knew. It was torturous for me, because in my heart, I knew I was a writer. I need to loosen this noose around the words which were waiting to tumble from the nib of my pen somewhere! I found the concept of blogging, and I jumped right in because it gave me all that I yearned for. I could be anonymous, (till date nobody in real life knows about my blog) I could write whatever-the-heck I wanted to, say fuck off as many times as I wanted without having to star it out. I could be myself, try out different things - (55 word fictions, poems, rhyming poems, stories, life events, current topics, bitchy posts.. you name it, I got it covered.) I still had an audience, people who read my posts because they wanted to, not because I was their BFF. It became my daily unwinding activity and boy, I fared well! I wrote my heart out. Everything just came out so naturally. I wrote during my classes, riding the metro, at sleepovers, even at parties! I still believe it was the best period of my life.

As with all things nice, there is always something to cut out the oxygen supply, mine came in the form of readers turning violent. I was a teenager, couldn't take the hatred and just shut myself out again. Slowly I just dwindled down till I couldn't write anymore.. till GRE happened. I scored a whooping 5.5 on essays and my brain told my heart to take up blogging again. The universe was giving me signals to do what I love the most - write. I love my tiny space on the internet, it's like my firstborn. It's been with me through my loss of friends, family and innumerable struggles. My childish poems, my pain, my funny stories, my frustrations, my break up.. you've been my silent guide, taking everything I unloaded with a bouncy vigour! I'm gonna revive you again, Crazy Beginnings. After all, we're all about doing something crazy and new, aren't we? We'll keep that up!

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Nishant said...

It was a good read. Nice to see you share honest and introspective views. Keep writing.

Apurva said...

Thank you Nishant! Truth is the best - nobody can ever change it, and if someone feels hurt by it, then it's just their viewpoint :)
Thanks for stopping by.