Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm Human

I'm human first and then a 21st century, 20 something, metro city gal later. Sure, I love my iPods and Benefit blushes, but I have some basic necessities in life first. I need food, shelter, clothes first. As they say, roti, kapda aur makaan in Hindi.

I feel if the basic necessities of a man's life are still in doldrums, it's stupid and almost heartless trying to focus on something else. That's like giving a homeless guy an XBox. As enthralling as it is, he will never enjoy it! It's hard for him to survive winters and find two decent meals, why and how will he enjoy something so frivolous?

Why am I talking bullshit?

Well, a conversation two days ago sparked this. I was having this really random-turned-hostile conversation about the recent elections in India. How a certain contender, with his great PR skills and an unapologetic blame-everyone-attitude was becoming the country's favourite hero. Yes the country desperately needs a hero, but I feel it's more a case of "andho main kaana raja" (The one eyed amongst the blind is crowned the King) than anything else. A hero is someone who just sweeps the muck without playing blame games. Or maybe my image of a hero is tarnished because of fairy tales and Enrique Iglesias. I like how tall claims are made every single day, just because the leech who are literally pushing our nation into nothingness have no standards, and did nothing. It's the classic case of swooping in to cash out on everyone's dirty linen. It's pretty sad how cheap, uneducated it all is. Pointing fingers, hurling abuses, childish dramas - even my two year old cousin acts more mature!

Anyway. I am amazed by the bullshit people buy and get swayed by. A candidate says they'll sell onions for Rs 10, other says "hey Pakistan concentrate on your poverty", "we need to get rid of the slavish metality". Well reality check Mr Oldilocks. All this dirt digging is pretty much cheap, slavish mentality. Trying to raise higher by bullshitting your way through. Ugh. It almost pains me. Why doesn't anyone talk about the basic things in life? Why does everyone talk about development, freedom fighters, onions and Nehru? Why does the PM keep crying about how our economy is doing awesome where even the rickshawala charges Rs 70 now? Why does everyone in our nation believe in doing tall, beyond comprehension talks when the basic needs of the citizen is nowhere close to being fulfilled? Sure you talk about "Gareebi Hatao!" which is like the desperate slogan for all times. Nothing spells out doom more than that. Hello Mr. Assholes, whatever happened to trying to fix your own sanitation system before trying to clean others' muck?

Why do you not talk about the riots in Gujarat? Should we understand that big swanky flyovers and vegetarian India will only come after we lose thousands of people to an unnamed terrorist attack? Why doesn't anyone talk about establishing a social security system for the citizens? Why don't you actually try getting water and electricity to some place rather than just faking promises? Indian politicians should strut their stuff for concealer products. Such glib and smoothness, never seen before. You all want to become the next USA, hey dude, even seen how Obama talks? What he says and all that he does? Atleast try sounding educated. Nobody is entitled to an opinion. You are entitled to an informed opinion because this is the fucking 21st century you assholes. Why don't you stop the crazy scams? Ours might be the only country who can have a scam on goddamn fodder!!

Yes I know nothing's gonna change. The poor will get poorer, the babus will eat paisa, the inflation won’t stop and the scams will only grow by leaps and bounds. Bomb blasts wont stop, thousands will still die every day and all these fucks will care about is "Gareebi Hatao" slogans printed on 50,000 INR a day posters.
 You know what, Modi and Gandhi? I wont even walk into a voting booth. Why? Because I don't want my ass pinched and be stared at and have lewd comments passed at. I'd rather sip iced tea that will cost me double the next time I buy it, than jump into the muck. Yes, I'm human first and then a crazy living in a developed world person later. I agree wholly with the 1943 theory of needs - they are hierarchial and not just a mass of wants and desires.

For those interested in the theory - hover over the words and it'll show you a wikipedia page. Also, here is a basic diagram.

PS: I don't support Modi or Gandhi or any other asshead. I'd support someone who can make me feel safe, provide my basic needs of pooping in peace and hygiene. Because, I believe in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. My creativity and development will only flow if I have clean air to breathe and two square meals everyday.  So if you're someone looking to comment about how wonderful one is from other, a word of caution: I'll block you if you do so. Ofcourse I wont even go through your comment. 

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