Friday, February 27, 2009


Alone I sit,
With the candles lit,
Perched prettily,
On our favourite seat,
Waiting in the bountiful meadow,
For my prince charming to come..

Alone I roam,
Picturing the white tomb,
Built in the name of love..
Sighing and sulking,
Stomping and brooding
I count my pearls thrice in a row!

Still upset, I lie down,
The cool grass brushing my gown,
Slowly I wipe away the frown,
And enter my dreamy town!

I am the countess,
With thousands of suitors,
Vying and dying to be my belove.
But I, fidgeting with my glove,
Wait for my one and only true love..

My patience is rewarded,
As my knight is shining armour,
Comes swiftly yet steadily,
Sweeps me off my feet,
And declares his undying love..

Still in his arms,
And riding through the farms,
On his graceful horse,
Sprinting with unnerving force,
Yet not feeling the bump,
We gallop and jump,
And ride past the thousand suitors,
Who now seem like sugar lumps..

We reach 'our' meadow,
It seems, as if on earth,
There's a heaven's window..
We sit on the berth,
His hand in mine,
We solemnly sit sipping the sparkling wine.

As the twilight dawns,
The place is mysteriously lit,
With deers and fawns,
As if, they were made to fit..

As I am happily wondering,
His smile is mischievously dazzling,
I am suddenly blindfolded,
The vanishing act, is, magically enchanted!

As the satin is unfolded,
The meadow is bewitched,
There are tables and chairs,
And perhaps, laid down for us..

He leads me to one,
And says, "I love you, hon",
I blush, a beetroot red,
And a peck on my cheek,
Is enough for me,
To flush, from toe to head..

We wine and dine,
And everything's fine,
It all feels so perfect!

A gust of wind,
A shower of rain,
Brings me back to the present,
I shiver, I think,
I watch the glowing crescent,
Slowly peeping from the heaven's brink,
And, I wake up from my deep slumber.

I am not sad,
Neither am I mad,
Coz' my mesmerising reverie,
Has once again made my mind free,
With all the thoughts,
And the ruthless doubts..

Ah! The sweet day-dream,
You have given me a dash of hope,
Topped with whipped cream,
That someday, sometime,
The bewitching reverie,
Will take the form of reality!



noun 1 a daydream. 2 Music an instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or musing state.

— ORIGIN Old French, ‘rejoicing, revelry’, from rever ‘be delirious’.

I used it in the first sense.

Whoa, Vinod read my poem, and he thought that it had a bit of a bitter ending! So, he just modified the ending it a bit. He thought it was mean of the guy to not come in the end! :P

That's his part, it's just added to the poem:

"As I was getting up,

Did I see something there?

Was I just imagining,

Or could he be really there?

I looked again to see that, mystery could not prevail,

My dream had indeed turned into real!"


अविनाश said...

Alone I roam,
Picturing the white tomb,
Built in the name of love..
Sighing and sulking,
Stomping and brooding

very well composed, liked it

mysterious gal said...

Ah! The sweet day-dream,
You have given me a dash of hope,
Topped with whipped cream,
That someday, sometime,
The bewitching reverie,
Will take the form of reality!

well this glint of hope in the poem is best
u write so amazingly and u used to say i cant write poems....if this is the incapability to write then i wanna be incapable too

i love it and keep writing :-)

IcE MaiDeN said...

i loveee it!!! ur too good. keep up d writing...

Anshu said...

its soooooooooo gud!!
n i lurved it!!

Apurva said...

thnx :)

hehee..i dunno..i stil am incapable.. it's just i write wat comes to me! :P and ur a brilliant poet urself! <3

thnx so much honey!

:P thnku thnku! i appreciate ur reading it!

Anonymous said...

I think it's very well written! :)

A well wisher.

Annu said...

Bahut hi mast thi yaar.....but I doubt ki yeh tune likhi hai!!!!


i read
i read


i feel

that there is just the difference of an 'a' between reel and real!!

u do an ahmazing work with poetry hon!!and i like vinod's ending better than urz!!no offence!!

Apurva said...

@ anony
thnx :)

thnx, and i have written it..dumb!

:) thnx! it's okay! and you like his ending better cuz u din understand my pt. of view! :P
it's all in the girls mind, she curses her guy in her mind, and dreams, IN her mind, and forms a happy opinion at the last in her mind.. so it has nothing to do with the reality.. she will now wait for her guy as long as he takes, cuz there's no doubt left! that's the point! LOL!
muah! and I am not the least bit offended!

Vijayshryaln said...

Got a good feel from ya poem!!!! loved it indeed.. yes. i used the word loved!!!

Apurva said...

lol, thnx :) I am glad that my poem could give you a good, loved feeling!

Vijayshryaln said...

Oh .. really??? I can see how glad ur, wid ur smile....Cheeerrrzz...

Apurva said...

lol, thnx! and keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

:) oh so you are Appu.. we had an invite request from you at writer's lounge.. :) I must say you are great with poetries..

i guess you would have been invited by now.. if not you'd be invited soon.. :) welcome aboard girl.. :)

p.s. thank you so much for following my blog. i am truly honoured...


Apurva said...

@ Kajal

I am honoured that you visited my blog! I am, seriouslyy! :)
yep, Ashrita Di had asked me to join.. and i like that blog..i read it pretty often! :) and i liked ur blog too! :))
thnx a lot!! :D

Satans Darling™ said...

Great work baby... Try not rhyming it the next time! But this is perfect... I am doing alright. Just could not stop myself from commenting from this one. I will be okay :)

Love you loads,

P.S. The cake is delicious!

^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

Great poem!

I really like poems which have happy endings, but i think i liked your part better than the obvious ending vinod suggested offense vinod b/w ;-)

You need to write more gurl!! You have the talent to write very well!!



Apurva said...

@ ashrita di
:)) i just thought to make it rhyme a bit.. :D and ek para to apne aap rhyme ho gaya..LOL! :D
and welcome! for the cake.. :)
did u really make it? ;)


thnku thnku thnku!! :) my poem has a happy ending waise.. cuz it's a conflict in the girls mind..which is cleared later! that's y! :D

Satans Darling™ said...

I did really make it :P I had a lot of free time on my hands that time anyway :P

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Well I loved both the versions!

Apurva said...

@ashrita di
:)) good!

thnx so much!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Godddddddddd!!
Mannn, I just love how you've made this so "LOVE STORY"-ish by's so victoriannnnnnnn. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVVVEEEE <3

you shud write more....!!! :D

Apurva said...

thnx aru! <3 ur just being nice! it's NOT that good too!
thnx! :D

Krishna P. said...

hey appu!great piece of poetry!obviously ur riting style is better than me..:D!but though her conflict is settled..i just felt dat her guy shud return too..we all love happy endings dont we..?

@seno am not @ all offended obviously she's better at writin :)

@mrinal well ummm thanks hehee!i guess atleast someone lyks wat i had to rite hehee!

CrAzY fReAk! said...

thnx :D yea, i understand ur viewpoint! :P
and thnx again! and yea, we do love happy endings.. :P

Ankita said...

achi hai....aur kya bolun..samajh nahi aa raha :D

CrAzY fReAk! said...

that's mroe than enuf :) thnku :)