Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Self Tagged! LOL! :D Actually INDIRECTLY Annie had tagged me.. ;)

I am Different. Weird. Funny. A Bookworm! 

I think A lot. About everything. AND at the wrong time. I would never think before making a so called wise decision. Or the ones which change your lives. BUT I will think when the teacher is teaching.. :P 
I know : That I am NOW fat. That I should stop abusing so much!
I want Be my thin self again and be the most successfulperson on this planet. :D
I have : The most amazing friends EVER!
I wish : I was a bit prettier. Or self-confidence.
I hate : Two faced people. BE what you are.
I miss : Determination.
I fear : Losing all the people I love. Lizards. Creepy insects and people.
I hear : Everything. Even if you are whispering to someone, I WILL HEAR it!
I smell : Dhania chutney..ooh! The sweet-sour one!
I crave : Ice- cream.Gol-gappas. and RIGHT now, A McD burger. :(
I search : Google, Wikipedia. Encyclopedia. My e-mail (for lost mails :P) for anything and everything. I have this weird habit of doing an IMAGE search of everything I search about. Somehow it gives a nice feeling.. ;)

I TOLD you I was weird.
I wonder : Where and how will I end up.
I regret : in the short run, many things. But in the long run, Nothing. Because I stronglybelieve in "jo hota hai acche keliye hota hai" ("whatever happens, happens for the good!")
I love : Vinod. Dogs. Books. Animals. My school. Harry Potter. My friends. My family. FOOD! Clothes. My College. My accessories. 
I ache : everywhere. LOL! Nothing, really.
I was not : Born to be bounded by someone, or someone else'sthought.
I am not : Sissy. Cranky. Pretty. 
I cry : When I fight with someone I truly value. When I read books. Sometimes, when I see movies.
I believe : in Love. In all the stars above. Who shine to guide us through darkness.
I dance : Like a maniac. As if I have taken 7-8 Vodka shots. Neat.
I sing : in the bathroom. And when I want to piss of my sister.
I read EVERYTHING! I am not kidding. Newspapers. Books. Blogs. E-mails. Little chits that people pass around. Scribblings on the walls. Websites. EVERYTHING! not course books, though.
I don't always : Fight. Like everyone thinks that I am this female gundi! I do it because it's not in me to sit around and keep taking the injustice around me. That's WHY I shout.
I fight for justice. And with hurling a lot of abuses.
I write Letters. Blog Posts. Now, A Poem too. Anything I feel about actually.
I win : Every fight with Vinod. :P
I lose : Some fights. WHEN Vinod cheats and makes those I-am-just-a-baby-with-a-cute-face-and-big-puppy-eyes. HUH! I don't like this!
I never : eat Cola flavoured ice-lolly.

I always : Take Iced-Tea when I go to Mc Donalds. And grab an opportunity to do a katta. 

I confuse : Aloo Chaat with Aloo Tikki. I have had to eat Aloo Chaat instead of Aloo Tikki hundreds of times because of it. OR wait..was it Aloo tikki I wanted to have...? :|

I listen : To music. To what other people say. 

I can usually be found : In my room! DUH!

I am scared : Of failing my exams.. GRRR!

I need : Motivation for everything!

I am happy : So? 

I imagine: the sun was people fall in words nail paints are made.. Everything.

I Tag everyone! It's a nice pastime and a nice way to revive your blog! :P



अविनाश said...

this tagging game is revealing lots about our fellow bloggers, loved reading this post of urs :-)

Satans Darling™ said...

Funny :D Loved it :D

Apurva said...

yeah..i agree..and thnx :)

@Ashrita Di

Miss Cynical ღ Åйu ღ said...

naaiiicceee answers!!!


Apurva said...

@ anu
hehehe.. thnku thnku *bows to everyone*

mysterious gal said...

loved it ...its actually cute n funny :D

Apurva said...

:P :) thnxx!

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Why do you never eat Cola flavoured ice-lolly?

Apurva said...

@ twisted elegance
i dont like it..i simply hate it! :P

Vijayshryaln said...

Need motivation for everythin?? ya. im here... lolzz!!