Friday, April 9, 2010


It was totally random and silly and not one of the best ones ever, but yeah, it was really cute and nice.
Confused? Sorry! I'm just so happy that I'm grinning like a fool since evening. It was so splendid, even if it was for like 20 minutes.

Oops, there I go Agaiin. So yes, I'm talking about my 'date' which took place today. hehe! Inside a bus! =))
We were going back home and were in a hurry and I was very hungry, like ravenous, so we just decided to grab some stuff and take it with us to eat along the ride. =))

I just noticed that I'm blabbering.. Oh well, to hell with it.

So ya, we took a paneer bread pakora (Cheese sandwich between slices of bread ,dipped in gram flour paste and fried) and some ketchup to go with it, a veggie sandwich, a bottle of mineral water.

We hopped onto the bus, went to the last seat and sat down with our loot. The bus was pretty empty, except for us there were just two other we took a lot of liberty and spread out our feast over the next seats as well..I kept asking for tissues and a spoon and all other paraphenelia and he kept getting off the bus to get it for me! Without cribbing, the smile on his face was transfixed. He loves to see me eat. (read: gobble)
And rickety - rick the bus went while we enjoyed our snack (in my case , lunch!) . It was very adorable because I get very messy when in a moving vehicle and he kept wiping ketchup off me..
As soon as I finished with the pakora , I was in a fix as to where and how to dispose off the yucky mess. I wanted to dispose it of ASAP because my pretty new bag would have so gotten soiled. :| hehehe. So he, without battling an eyelid took the waste from me and kept holding it while I kept munching away! I even forgot to share it with him! ;)
Then thankfully I realised that I was behaving like a hungry baboon and fed my poor baby! I finished the sandwich as well, all by myself..hahaha. :D

We ate an orange to wind it all up :) lol.

That's all, I don't think I did justice to the sweetness of it all. But well..! *sighs*

I wish I could have those 20 minutes back! :)



You seem very happy and I am pleased for you.

Have a lovely week-end.

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks s

gargi said...

Awwwww =)
Sounds beautiful!


Chocolatelover said...

Aww...that sounds like a sweet story, glad you guys had fun! :)
Who doesn't like to eat, i don't blame you, food sometimes makes us forget a lot! :O

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks gargi :D

hahaha CL , i makes me forget a LOT of things.. =))

The Blessed One said...

:) cute! :)

The Blessed One said...


Manjari Singh said...

perfect date!!!

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archana said...

dats so cute sweety just like u:)