Friday, April 2, 2010

That's For You! Impromptu!

Oh yes! You know who you are, and it's gonna be all about you , you know that?

  • I think I'll start with a big S-O-R-R-Y. I know we haven't fought or something, but well sorry for the times when I'd been the reason for the precious tears in your twinkling eyes!
  • Just by the way, you're the most adorable thing I've ever laid my eyes on. And you don't know how glad I am. That I did that. =))
  • You're just everything I could have asked for. Actually you're so much more than that! You're something I never imagined existed.
  • You NEVER let me down, can we please make that clear? PLEASE? Even when I'm mad at you, it's not because the apparent letting down..! You're perfect.
  • Sorry for being mad at you. For all those times.
  • Sorry for being mean.. I swear it was all unintentional. I cannot hurt you. Ever. Sorry.
  • You're awesomeeeeeeee.!
  • You're all that I have.
  • You can sleep for as long as you want.. I swear I wont get mad at you.
  • You're super special. I cannot think of being without you, you know that right?
  • I'm NEVER gonna leave you. Not even in your nightmares.
  • I love your smile. =))
  • I'm just jealous of your friends. I hate it when you flash that beautiful smile for someone else. Yes, I'm very possessive. Maafi dede? :)
  • I just wanna keep you to me.
  • Yes, I'm jealous of your family too. Everyone. I wish I could keep you in a confined room where the access was confined to just me. =)) *Sorry*
  • Did I mention I loooooooooove your smile? :)
  • I wuv your crazy confused expression. :*
  • Your hair is enchanting. Period.
  • You still make me go weaaaaak in the knees, however you might think, you know?
  • You still make me go nervous when I see you. (Oh yes, I never admit it, I know :">)
  • I wish I could keeeeep staring at you. Like Stalking you I mean.
  • I know this might sound silly, but it's very special to me and you. I know that. You're my best friend. Yes you are were and will always be. :) My Permanent Best Friend.

I Miss You, You know that? I know we just chatted, but I miss you.. :(
Take care :)
I love you. =))



So emotional Miss Sunshine, wonderful words.pleasure to read.

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Have a lovely Easter.

oRange* said...

Hello Miss Sunshine, I like your blog and you just got yourself another follower :D

hehe, nice space!

Princess Caspian said...

who's impromptu???

'm jealous!!

Miss Sunshine said...

thankyou so much.. Yes indeed it was an emotional outburst!

thanks a lot =))

honestly are u tryna act silly or whaaaaat? Impromptu is an english word which means suddenly, not without prior i wrote this for obviously you know who.. on a whim..!

Vismitha said...

I loved your blog, maybe you found another stalker :)

P.S - Adding you on my blogroll too !

Miss Sunshine said...

I'm glad about that Vismitha :)
You have a pretty name by the way :) Keep visiting.

PULKIT said...

The most touching,
The most cutest,
The most "Awwwwwww..." types...
lovely dedication post.... :)

How much I wish...someone would have written such a thing for me ever ;)
he he he....

Vinu is lucky to have a frn like u miss sunshine :)

Koo said...

Aww so cute :)
So much louuu :)

The Blessed One said...

:) :) :)
thats was my reaction when i read this :) :)

and dat special "you know who" just told me that reading jus made him smile and grin like an idiot!!!
and he wants to thank you lots!!
:D :D :D :D
XOXOXOXO! Means a LOT to me :D :D

take care miss sunny :D

The Blessed One said...


K-ay said...

Awww <3
well you really ought to make that person read this instead
Who is it for Btw? :)

Miss Sunshine said...

:) thanks so much..he's the more amazing one out of us.. :D so m the kuckier one..and u know..pateince does have it's rewards.. ur princess is there , somewhere :D


i guess the person did read it :D
it's for my boyfriend by the way :D

Fazee... said...

Lovley post... Makin me to love my man so so deeply as wut u say...cheers