Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amor's Puppet

You walk past me,
The air impregnates your earthy smell,
Knocks me off my feet,
And, introduces me to my wobbly knees.

You discreetly hold my hand,
Draw circles with your thumb,
The grip is tighter than an elastic,
It makes me tremble,
Down right, till my bones.

You embrace me,
It’s like the whole world’s taking over,
I disintegrate faster than an ignited candle,
The feeling is akin,
To my soul being alight.

You spark upon a conversation,
Your  endearing voice infiltrates through me,
I swear, I do try,
But I hardly do ever understand,
The nuances of our discussions.

Since the day
My eyes met yours
My heart feels stronger,
With the pouring, over flowing love,
 But, It seems I’ve lost control over my senses
My body isn’t controlled by me
But is a puppet to your little gestures.


Jaideep said...

That is a very superbly sweet poem that you have written!
Awesome work!
Must be a lucky guy! ;)
Kudos and continue the great work!! :)

Apurva said...

I dont know about the lucky guy part.. but thankyou for the praise :)

Richa said...

Sweet :)

Apurva said...

:D Thanks, Richa :)

Shreya said...

If this is how you really feel...lucky you!!

Nice poem! :)

Apurva said...

I do :) It sure is a great feeling.. :)