Sunday, April 22, 2012


The app in my iPod announces that the word which defines the human ability to screw up perfectly normal things has five syllables. Irony, I say. Till the time you decipher, differentiate and break the word into it's root syllables, you tend to be dazed, and lose all meaning, as to why in the first place did you even start off with it.
Isn't that the same feeling which creeps in when we label something as a huge misunderstanding?

There is nothing in this world more psyching out than a jumble of mindless irritating garble, phrased to irritate and confuse you and drape your thought process in a huge, heavy, opaque curtain.

For the past year, I've been trapped in this booby trap of misunderstandings, and damn, is it spoiling my relationships, eating into my productivity and slowly but steadily killing my happiness and self confidence. Misunderstandings are like slow poisons. When they touch you, you do feel the slight irritation, but being the supreme species that we are, we over look it. It starts spreading slowly, showing itself in its first stage avatar; coughs, seizures, unconsciousness. The devil then starts hatching from the egg, and thus begins the organ failures and helplessness, and the ultimate failure of death. Mind you, the death doesn't come easy. The devil grows to its monstrous size, shows off its ruthlessness in all its glory, before taking you down.

 They say, love conquers everything. But, what do you do when the amour goes haywire, and the very root of the relationship becomes its trap door. Whatever you say, becomes ugly and uglier and is misunderstood in every despicable manner ever. Sometimes, I am forced to sit back and think, is love the only and the sole reason that drives a relationship? Should one call it quits if nothing else works out? True, people survive relationships through all odds and this reason is shoddy to say the least, to part ways. But the everyday banter and cussing and hating is getting a little too much for me to handle.
I'm an ardent believer of the power of love and would do everything to make that love felt. But what does one do when the doors to every single path is blocked and shut firmly by the person whom you wanna reach out to?


They say, communication is the key to the problems. But, whenever we communicate, problems arise. Things are misunderstood, underplayed or overplayed to such extent that one starts questioning his/her own existence. If I maintain distance, that is problematic, if I hang around, that is unacceptable too. My explanations and reasoning are never given a higher status than that of being pushed down the little choked drain.

Someday, in all my exasperation, I will pull out every hair of mine. Till then, I'll wait, run around the circles and the carefully chalked out trap of misunderstandings and jump and jive through it. The day I stumble, is the day of bloodshed, and the automatic, unannounced loss of the race. The race against oneself. 

Lose-Lose Situation, they say.

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